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  1. You are a genius :worship: , it's work Thank you very much, i spend all nigth think in that. Where i can see the codes of colores??
  2. Hi, I have several variables wich I visualize in a waveform chart. Associating a checkbox for each variable I want visualize the selected varables in same chart using the mode overplay plots. This means I must have multiple combinations of plots and there are no few. if have six variables, it is ........ There are otherway to visualize the selected variables in same chart whitout using several charts???
  3. Hi, If you use a Event structer associate with your slider, i think you can do that. Use the mouse up event. i hope this example can help you. bye Download File:post-645-1101238414.vi
  4. Hello for all I have a buttons which are associate at a action, now i want associate an run-time menu item at that action. i use the event structure for make the action of the buttons. If i add Menu Selection(user) to value change of button, the item of menu in event structer dissapear.... There are any way to associate the action of a button to the intem of run-time menu Thanks
  5. Hello, I thing it's a simple problem or a thing easy to do because i see very vis associating key like F4 to a button but i can't do it. How i can associate one key to a button, i have seen all examples but i did't find anything, i saw the properties of buttons and nothing, anyone can help me please :headbang: best regards
  6. Yes, it's monitor controls, but i found the rude way and that is ok. It is disapearing the controls, if is not visible you can change it. , i wanted block controls without invisible their, but it's ok Thanks
  7. Hello!!! I'm using a Event Structure in my application and i use the value change event in some of my controls. I'm trying to do is ignore same control events when i want. If i select the "Application Exit?" event there are an element for i discard that event but in "value change" event that element is not there. There are any chance to block the controls? Best regards Paulo Almeida
  8. Congratulations :thumbup:
  9. Sorry folks, I resolve that problem, it's an rude way but for i need it's very good. i use the example of lv and in output, which is array i put a index array and it give me one point. forgive me anything. Bye
  10. Hello, I'm trying to do a Arbitray wave display, there are a example in LV examples. but in this case the output is array and i need a think who generate a wave form point by point. the lv doesn''t have this function as it have arbitrary wave. Someone can help me Bye
  11. I found one think and i don't to know how to resolve, in your date server handler you receive all queue at period of 500ms, but in this case, when passed some time you send a string for tcp which incresed too, and the date transfer go for hell i put the dequeue element and the queue works well for only one client, when i put two clients the receive string in client pass for half, but it's logic how can i send one element for clients but not erase the queue and not nedd pause the while loop. :headbang:
  12. Hello, One more doubt for everbody..... In the application made by Michael Aivaliotis niweek2004 There any way for i know how many clients are connected in the server?
  13. Hello Yes, that me help, help me a lot, thanks :worship: Your Number generator will be my server. but i having a douth . i 'm trying to do a client supervisor in my server for manager who command the process in server and other thinks able to do in that. my douth is where i put my supervisor, if in my server or if in dateserverhandler. In relation of the queue, it's a good ideia. but i won't to send all information for all clients. I want to send the information for a client since he arrived not since the server runned. I think if i create a queue for all clients connected, when they arri
  14. Hello I've worked in that application, mainly in the Example4 - Reentrant_example_tcpip_connections and like that. But server don't send anything for his clients. the time which is sending is on the DateServerHandler and the user can't controller. How can i put a string control in a server and type anything and send for all clients I'd seem all methods of invoke node and i only can view things for set controls, there are any thing gor get indicatores of vi handler.? i think i'll go for :beer: and forget LV The best regards
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