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  1. In a Windows system I would like to open a VI, modify it and finally compile it (only this VI) for a different target, for example Linux x64 (cRIO hw). This is my desire, but I don't found a right method to reach the goal. When you a create a Build Apecification under a Target in a Project, LabVIEW on Windows OS compiles all the VIs added to the Build Spec for the specific target. So LabVIEW can cross-compile a VI. I'm wondering if the cross-compile functionality is provided with some function/method exposed.
  2. Hello, @LogMAN. I tried LabVIEWCLI, but nothing. If you want to run a Build Specification, LabVIEWCLI runs LabVIEW.exe (with splash screen and starting window). So, I tought another strategy. I used the code from this post https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2319838/open-a-program-with-python-minimized-or-hidden to create a python script (then exe) to start LabVIEW.exe and hide the visible windows (splash screen and starting window). The final result is very good! 🙂 I attached the code, it is a simple example code that could help someone else. If you have some suggestions we can improve the code together. Thank you. StartLabVIEWSilently.zip
  3. Hello, I wrote a VI ("ChangeScript.vi") to change programmatically the script of a "MathscriptNode" inserted in another VI ("MathScriptNode.vi"). Because this simple example is a part of a wider project, after the change of the script formula I need to recompile the VI ("MathScriptNode.vi"). I found the VI method "Compile" http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361R-01/lvscript/vi_compile058vi/ to do this action, but this method only compile for Windows target. How I can compile programmatically the VI for the target Linux_x64 (cRIO hw)? The LabVIEW project (LabVIEW 2018) attached contains the example code. Thank you, Francesco SimpleTest.zip
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a way to run "LabVIEW.exe" hidden (I'm using LabVIEW 2018) , so without the splash screen and the starting window. I tried Method 1 and Method 2 described in this article https://winaero.com/blog/run-a-program-hidden-in-windows-10/, but nothing. I tried also the INI parameter key "HideRootWindow=True", but only the taskbar icon is hidden. I asked help to NI Support, but nothing. This is my last chance: Somebody knows a way to run "LabVIEW.exe" completely hidden in Windows OS? Thank you, Francesco
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