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  1. Hello Mr Hooovah, I really appreciate you answer, this is a subVI, the main loop runs in the main VI, which call all the function in a time frame loop, I think this is fine, right? As for the feedback loops, I'm still getting used to the concept of not having instaced variables and this whole wiring concept so, in a brief context: How should data be kept in a wire if not with feedback loops? Another thing, I'm only saving data when it has changed and this is a problem with the time marking, I would like to store is as a waveform of multiple channels, so the time mark could chan
  2. Hello Mates, need some advice from you. My data come from serial port as a big string and it is stored to a double array, I save the time stamp as string and them the whole DBL array as dynamic data, then I get this nice TDMS file which in excel looks like this: I only need to read the C and D columns, what is the best approach? Probably there is a better way to save the tdms, I willing to improve my code
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