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  1. Hello crossrulz, The actual target is to see each data in .csv Format but i am not able to find real time update in .csv , when LabVIEW send a data in each Minute, it should be also updated in csv while it is opened. I Need to monitor each data send from LabVIEW while csv is receiving it. I am not able Keep open csv file and monitor while it is receiving data from LV.
  2. Great man it is working… Now i just Need to find out how can i write random number continously in each row and column in each 500 ms.
  3. Thank you Gribo. I have attached my VI. But i got 2 Problem: 1. I was not able to insert property node "Type" > "missing". 2. I get error from my Invoke node "Add". Do you ha ve any idea?? csv_update.vi
  4. Thank you Bryan for your suggetion. Do you know any example of sharing data with external PC connected via LAN cable. I am not able to figure out how to share data and save my .csv file directly in a external PC(containing no LabVIEW). I would be very thankful.
  5. Hello Everyone, I need to save or send my LabVIEW file from my PC (which contain LabVIEW) to a external PC without LabVIEW program. Is there anyone who has done that. what are the way to send or save LabVIEW .txt file to the external PC. Both PC are connected via USB Cable or LAN Cable.
  6. Hello Gribo, do you somthing like code or exmple, where i can see my data in real time. It will be very helpful for me.
  7. Hello Jacobson, Can you please help me to get this DLL and use it LabVIEw, may be you have that code.
  8. Thank you for the explanation... but for me i must write the data in excel(.csv) and same time able watch the data update like i do in labview....
  9. Thank you for the suggestion, Can you please elaborate it . If possible LV program, where you used this UE.
  10. Hello Bryan, However, If you already have Excel open to view the CSV file, I don't believe that Excel will automatically update your spreadsheet contents every time the file changes if that is what you're trying to do. I haven't tried that myself. --->>>>> yes i am trying to keep ma excel sheet open while data are updating in real time, which i receive per second from LabVIEW.
  11. Yes, Mefistotelis . I want to see each data , which ar send to excel in real time in the excel sheet.
  12. Hello , I am trying to Export data from LabVIEW to an Excel file(.csv) in real time. I Need to see the data in a real time , which are written in the Excel without Closing the Excel. my Problem is i can see the real time data writting in LabVIEW . But in Excel i can see the data only after stoping my LV program. Is there any way to watch real time data writting in each column the Excel. I have attached my LV program. Write_CSV_date_time.vi
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