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  1. It seems No solution and No VI
  2. Hello, I tried to control Hs-311 servo motor for position control, but it dosen't work. The servo is applied by 50 Hz pulses(20 ms), every pulse contain on/off duty, the on duty determine the position of the servo and our servo is deal with ( 0.9ms - 2.1 ms ) on duty to cover the rang (0-180 degree). so i want to generate a train of pulses with 50Hz and 0.1 ms resolution at minimum, and i can control the duty by a knob and output at parallel port 0x378. |0.9-2.1ms| ________ ________ | | | | | | | | ___________| |______________| |____________ | 20ms | That's what i want to out i will attached to you my try. please help.
  3. Thanks, I want to design a main panel with button which every one open a different file.vi and i want to ask how can i size my panel such that the user saw the tools when execution without apperence of empty region.???
  4. Hello, I want to ask how can I generate multi GUI in my program and how can i make a main GUI and sub main that can i transfer to it by clicking a button . Thanks
  5. I am wondered if labview can operate with loop as for and while with time in micro seconds I tried to make a program that control a servo motor HS311 that needs a train of pulses to control its position The pulse width is between 0.9 to 2.1 ms and i can not output a signal with 0.1 ms = 100 us, it only output 1 ,2 ms How I Can ????? Please help I attach a file to help to understand or solve my problem
  6. Hello, I know that i can reinatialize the array to its default values by the menu opetarte BUT>>> I want to reinatialize the array by clicking a button in the run mode , How Can I ??? Please help I attached a file that explian my problem , i use labview 7.1
  7. I need to use for loop because i want the loop to work for a limited time but i want to add an option that says that i can break the time by beaking the loop via a button Can I ????
  8. Hello, I have a problem in breaking for loop i attach the problem , there is a for loop work for 10 sec and i have a stop button i want the button to break the for loop if i pressed it please help, i use labview 7.1 thanks
  9. I test this suggestion and solve my problem and i understand thank u
  10. i thank you for your help but the program does not display the output in the indicator that outside the loop WHY ????? and this is a new problem , how can i solve it???
  11. hello, This is a ploblem i have faced when i implement any program contain this problem, the problem is a for loop is doing a function or any thing else but i want the result of this function outside the loop to use it for another thing , but it said that there is an error that the result or output of my function when ejected outsid the loop it converted from number to 1-D array and i want the number not arry to diplay it or process it. How can i solve it. pleeeeeeeeeeeease help. thanx,
  12. Hello, I have faced a problem with For Loop by the attatched file I want the result OUTSIDE the loop either booleen or number NOT INSIDE help me please, thanx, Download File:post-6479-1168807787.vi
  13. Hello, I want to ask how can i deal with two seperate analog input channel, because it say that an error that one of them reserver by other although i specify the first one to CH1 and the second to CH2. how can i solve this problem and i want to ask if i have a digital input from a device but i connect it with analog input channel ,can i get the values of digital (1,0) by comparing the input channel with 2.5 if gratear = 1 and if less = 0 ??????? thanx,
  14. thank u very much for help but i used labview 7.1 and your file does not work and i tried again and get a solution and attatched it for benifit thanx again Download File:post-6479-1168621116.vi
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