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  1. Previously, i loaded the folder containing my all classes (for example the folder Host_Class). I had placed this folder in the path /home/lvuser/natinst/bin/. I.e I will had /home/lvuser/natinst/bin/Host_Class Now, i place directly my classes in the path /home/lvuser/natinst/bin/ and not via a directory like Host_Class. Apparently, By default, when RT target runs, the reading is limited only to the path specified in the RT target properties. In my case, this path is /home/lvuser/natinst/bin/
  2. I resolved my issue. I must placed my la class file (.lvclass) on the root of the folder /home/lvuser/natinst/bin/ that is the default directory that the RT reads.
  3. I'm coding some pretty complex software. That's why I choose the object-oriented approach. And the factory pattern will help to achieve the flexibility that i need.
  4. Sorry, I saved my classes at /home/lvuser/natinst/LabVIEW Data/Host_Class
  5. Hi everyone, I have a myRIO that i try to use to implement a factory pattern of OOP. I have to classes that i need to load dynamically on the VI running in the RT target. Firstly, i saved my classes in the myRIO's memory on the path /home/lvuser/natinst/bin/Host_Class in the directory Host_Class. And i give to the VI "Get LV Class Default Value" this path but i had this error : Error 7 occurred at : Get LV Class Default Value.vi Possible reasons : LabVIEW: (Hex 0x7) File not found. The file may be in a different location or may have been deleted. Use the command prompt or file explorer to verify that the path is correct. ========================= GPIB interface not existing. LabVIEW tried to load the class this way: /home/lvuser/natinst/LabVIEW Data/Host_Class/Accelerometer/Accelerometer.lvclass But when i check this directory, my classes are there
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