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  1. I most definitely agree; the manual is lacking. I posted on another site and someone had success with keysight interactive IO. I'm in the process of downloading this with fingers crossed. https://www.eevblog.com/forum/testgear/data-precision-8200-not-responding-to-gpib-commands-no-errors/msg3317788/#msg3317788 She reported that the 10 character command worked - no decimal and trailing zeros. I'll look on the instrument to see if I see any commands, but I do not recall seeing any.
  2. Yes, I have included the zeros behind the command with decimal and without. The command is so simple, yet not working for me.
  3. Earlier you said "As to the GPIB section in the manual there is absolutely nothing that resembles anything IEEE 488.2. They only mention IEEE488 and the little they have in there is absolutely not 488.2 compatible in any shape or form." I misread this and thought maybe VISA couldn't access it. I tried the program I wrote earlier, the one in the attached picture, and it still does not work. Do you suggest just playing with the settings more?
  4. I see now. I was referring to the device settings. Thanks for clarifying. I have changed the 2 settings you mentioned. I'm guessing since the commands in the manual are not IEEE 488.2 compatible then VISA functions are out of the question. How about GPIB functions in LabVIEW? Once again, thanks for all the help and patience. Brandi
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I found the manual here (http://www.ko4bb.com/manuals/ and there is a section on 488.2 commands. I think the specific machine I have is from 1987. I'll play around with the settings to see if that helps. Edit to add: I went back and looked at the possible options to change under MAX and there's nothing. Its such a simple machine that I cannot change anything. The only option available was "VISA Alisa". Under device status, it said the device was working fine.
  6. The instrument did not respond to an IDN query, but I believe its because it does not have read capabilities. The address is set to 20 and it reads it as such and switches to remotely when I scan for instruments. As for your second comment, I have configured the settings to add an EOS. Is that what you are referring to?
  7. Hello, I am trying to control a voltage source (DP 8200) through VISA in LabVIEW. I have connected the instrument to my system using a GPIB connector. When I scan in MAX, the instrument shows up and switches to remote mode, but does not respond to the IDN query. I'm assuming that the machine does not have read abilities here. The commands to the instrument are very elementary. For example "V2+500000" means voltage mode - 2nd range of 100V - positive polarity - set to 50.0000 V'. However, I cannot get the instrument to respond. I have tried writing a simple VISA program attached here (that
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