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  1. Hello everyone, I am using cRIO-9040 as Ethercat Master and Stober SD6 as ethercat slave. I am able to import le ESI xml file and see the slave and his associated variables in the Labview project. I have been able to put the slave in operional mode from Labview whithout any error too. But then, when i try to communicate with the slave by reading or writting some variable, i get an error : code -66208, and the error message isn't very helpful. Did anyone had the same problem ? I have another question : I generate the ESI xml associated with the Stober SD6 ethercat slave by using the DriveControlSuite software and by doing it, i can choose the module of the ESI file (CiA, Drive Based (Basic configuration, or custom (when some variable has been added or deleted for the ethercat com)), and i can choose all of them (the 3) to export the ESI file. Then, if i use Twincat to import this ESI file i created, i can again choose the type i want to import (CiA, Drive Based or custom). In Labview project, i don't have any possible choise when importing the ESI file, why ? is it possible somehow to choose the type when importing ESI file in Labview ? You will find attached some screens to illustrate this subject. Thank you, Fran├žois
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