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  1. I was clumsy in my post. It was more about debugging clones, and the way the breakpoint system works in the IDE, and not about AF. I think AF is awesome, and fits well within LV. It is debugging of shared clones and multiple windows that drives me bananas sometime, and that is what I was trying to point out.
  2. I think that depends on the use case. That was cool for me back in the days where I would write mostly 1off test code or stuff to support lab work. Meaning mostly non reentrant stuff connected to some form of NI Hardware to go along with it. But when building multi threaded applications with many reentrant shared clones etc. Having multiple windows pop up because of the awkward breakpoint system LV has It feels like the IDE it's trying to obfuscate the problem rather than help me zero in on it. It is quite difficult to have the dev system spawn 50 windows because a shared clone brea
  3. Thanks for that, this is definitely worth investigating on my end. I will give it a go. I managed to find a download link to this utility on ni.com. I have not tried yet, but I think it might be included in the SSP package. Looks like this could potentially work for my use case of Prototype on NI - FPGA on a SBRio and deploy on a ZynQ for mass production. This is not quite what I was asking for but if it works well it could be a viable option. Thanks!
  4. The future is Python for many of the applications, it is easy to get in to for newcomers to programming, works great has a strong package management system and large community, and can be applied to virtually any OS you can think of, as well as it can be even used to program GPUs if you are so inclined. The huge advantage of using G and LabVIEW is that paired with NI Hardware, in the hands of someone skilled with LV you can bang out a solid prototype of a product or a Test and Measurement system so fast it will make people's heads spin. NI hardware is absolutely top notch for High End u
  5. I agree with Shaun that lack of support for other platforms is fatal. Although I remember speaking with NI folks early on and I think the idea as far as I understood it during one of the CLA summits that the IDE of NXG was going to be Windows only, but I do think they were thinking of having runtimes capable of running on different OSes. However as far as it stands right now for NXG 5.0 I don't see any indication of the possibility of running NXG code on a platform other than Windows... ( I'm getting' old I might not be remembering stuff correctly anymore ) So I think the plan was there
  6. Well my 2 Cents. This is bad for the future of the G programming language in my opinion. I've not used NXG in production as it was never ready enough and it did feel like a constant prototype. However the overall experience with working with it as an IDE at least in the capacity I've used was a positive one. I've used it for the European CLA summit presentation back in 2019 and exercised mainly the C/C++ interface to connect Current Gen and NXG with Zero MQ. The changes in NXG in that area, in my estimation, have been logical and it was really easy to work with and made a lot of sense.
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