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  1. You don't use Arduino, raspberry and other? I saw posts where someone flash dip-8 chips. I was thinking someone here knows chips and can help me to choose the right one for my scope. Sorry for my English Edit If I'm wrong and it's not the right forum I ask sorry
  2. Hi all I think I bricked the bios of my pc motherboard. Because after an update the systems doesn't boot anymore, doesn't boot in bios too, and mouse and keyboard doesn't turn on when connected to the Motherboard. Imho I have two options One: buy a new chip already done with latest bios already installed on it Two: I think to buy a chip and a cheap USB programmer to do it myself Obviously I'm going to the second option so found some problem. When I'm searching the same chip I have (25q32fvaiq) i find only similar eg. 25q32fvsig or others are
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