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  1. Hi Mark, thank you very much again, great job and very useful resource for those who could not go there. Mark, I'm facing some troubles with the FTP, I don't know if the server is having some troubles or it's just me. I can log in but then the server says that "it was not possible to list the directory". Is there any punctual problem with the FTP server? Thanks again Mark. Jose
  2. Hi Jim, it's time to wait for 2000 posts, Jim Kring or better said "King" :worship: congratulations Jim. Jose.
  3. Hi folks, just reading Jim Kring's post related to NI Days 2007, I was thinking how NI days are in the States. I mean, a couple of weeks ago there was "something called NI Day" in Barcelona, Spain, and I had the impression it was more comercial than technical day taking into account there were: - introduction speech about how NI had grown the last 20 years. - more about NI history and some demos such as Mindstorm robot spinning. that was until midday, just in the afternoon: - some "technical sessions", half an hour, about RF technologies (focused on X10 protocol), new features in Lavbiew 8.20. also during all the day there were some exponents talking about how they use Labview in their business. I went out this NI day with the sensation that it was a poor "NI Day" so I'd like to know how these meetings are out there, because as I mentioned before by reading Jim Kring comments I have the sensation that they are more technical, Jim I know you are preparing a speech this year :thumbup: so questions such as: -how long are those meetings? -what kind of events take place there? any info related to this issue maybe would help in order to improve next "NI Days", who knows. thanks for your comments. Cheers.
  4. Hi folks, I'd like to make available a vi, previously converted to .exe file, through internet so by searching in this forum I have found this thread http://forums.lavag.org/index.php?showtopi...Publishing+Tool, it is related to the Web Publishing Tool so my questions are: 1.) related to the thread mentioned above, by reading the instruccions I'm not able to get the goal. Here you have part of my .ini file generated during the building process and after making Web Server available: WebServer.Port=8083 WebServer.Enabled=True the tag generated by the Web Publishing Tool during the configuration was: http://my_localhost:8083/Final_Integrado_121206.htm as the thread mentions this tag has to be included in .ini file, right? do I have to copy-paste the tag to the .ini file or I have to include this tag is as a part of a field such as?: The Tag = http://my_localhost:8083/Final_Integrado_121206.htm (IT IS FOR EXAMPLE PURPOSES) Also related to this thread, there is a broken link Michael mentioned: http://forums.lavausergroup.org/index.php?...dpost&p=679 has it been moved? 2.) are there other methods to make available an .exe file, through internet, taking into account I'm using Application Builder feature. Thanks in advance for your support, cheers, Jose.
  5. Hi all of you and thanks for your feedback, sorry for the delay, you know special days. Related to my post I have things to add, maybe my first one was a little bit caotic :thumbdown: , anyway my main vi, which includes several sub vi's will be an application(.exe file) which: 1. It'll be launched by Windows at night. 2. This vi will perform some tasks. 3. and it'll close automatically. (Quit Labview vi) at this point I don
  6. Hi folks, Just a question related to an vi, which calls at the same time other vi's. The case is that I'd like to close Labview when the main vi finishes its execution so for this purpose I use "Quit Labview" vi under Application Control palette. At this point when Labview tries to close itself it is going to ask you if you want to save not only the vi but also the sub vi's so how can I manage to say Labview that I don
  7. Hi JFM, yes, you are right, the format string you mentioned works fine. Again thanks all for your understanding and patience :worship: Great group of people at LAVA forum. cheers, Jose.
  8. Hi chris, thanks a lot for your feedback, I'm gonna check the posts you mentioned. regards, Jose.
  9. Hi, don't worry crelf, the key is that if you see the spreadsheet string, for example first value is 7.0 and the first array value also is 7.0, no problem so far but the second value from the spreadsheet string is 7.3, and here are my doubts, the corresponding value of the array is 7.0 so they don
  10. Hi, thanks for your fast answers. Yes, by changing the "format&precision" parameters to 1 digit precision the array values are shown the way I'd like but still there is a problem, in fact the function is rounding the decimal to 0, please see attached image file. thanks again, Jose.
  11. Hi, Hope you can help me to find what I'm doing wrong, please see the small attached vi. I'm just trying to convert spreadsheet string to an array of numbers with 1 digit precision but I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I think the format string input is o.k but I'm at this point I'm doubting of everything . Thanks for your support. cheers, Jose. Download File:post-662-1166458178.vi
  12. hi folks, thanks chris, thanks jim. I see, so although I install oglib_file package, problems will be there. Jim, you mentioned that problems are related to File IO primitives so it would be any possibility of solving the problem by substituying the vi's which have problems by the File IO primitives LV v7.1 has?, in case there weren't possibility are there other ways to send an e-mail by using an SMTP server which requires authentication, I mean by using Active X controls(MSOutlook) and so on? Thanks a lot for your support. cheers, Jose
  13. Hi Jim, related to what you said: "Here are the converted files. Please note that this is not executable, due to the fact that some of the File IO primitives to not map directly into 7.1 functionality." I have tried to open OGIC_SMTP Send Mail.vi and the error is related to "File Exists_ogtk.vi" file and it sounds me to VI Package Manager, am I right? Maybe this file is for L.V 8.2 and there would be enough to replace it by File Exists_ogtk.vi for L.V 7.1? I don
  14. That's the way you say JFM, :worship: Thanks a lot to all of you, thanks JFM for your support. Cheers, Jose.
  15. Hi and thanks a lot for your feedback. JFM, I'd appreciate you could recompile to LV 7.1, please. Thanks again. :worship: Jose. Hi again, sorry, I forgot to attached my "baby" vi, obviously it's incomplete, just to show you what was my intention. cheers, Jose Download File:post-662-1166186924.vi
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