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  1. Quick update: it worked really well, thank you for the indication
  2. Alright, I will give it a try! Thank you!
  3. Hi everyone, I am trying to receive the data stream from a camera using LabVIEW. I am unable to find it in NI MAX, so I can't use Vision. So far, I was able to receive the packets sent by the camera via UDP, and assemble them in what I think is an image frame. The data, however, is in a YUV420 format, so I didn't get anything meaningful from the image visualizer. What I have done so far is receive the UDP packets in a loop, assemble them together and then convert it to a 2-D array. Afterwards, I used IMAQ ArrayToColorImage, but I have only a noisy blue-ish image. Is there any LabVIEW
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