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  1. Searching for a job near Zürich...

  2. Thanks. I found a very good example from shoneill at the nuggets. http://forums.ni.com/ni/board/message?board.id=170&view=by_date_ascending&message.id=267748#M267748 It's so easy. http://forums.ni.com/ni/attachments/ni/170/267748/1/Alternative%20Array%20size%20finder.vi
  3. Hy to @ll, i have the problem that i want to get the arraysize of a array i don't know the type of, because i only get the reference of a "TD1Hdl" (C-Type). So i cannot typecast the Array and use the "Array-size" block. I want to grap the reference of one by one element and put this reference to an other VI. alternative? I could pass a array of references, too. One reference per element. It would be more easy, but i didn't found something like "references to array elements[]". Thanks for your help. Bernd PS.: I just used the Array of string, to create a ref to an array. I don't know the type of it.
  4. I got it. Thanks for all hints. It looks a little bit confusing, but it works fine. Hope it helps others, too.
  5. There is a pw on the "GetContorl From Type Descriptor_A2E.vi ...
  6. Hy 2 @ll. I created some code with typedefs. These typedefs i created manualy from #defines and typedefs of a headerfile. Like: #define LENGTH_FW_REVISION 8 /* including terminator */ typedef struct FwRevision { u_16 result; c_8 string[LENGTH_FW_REVISION]; } FwRevision; typedef struct RspGetFwRevision { FTRspMsgHead common; FwRevision revision; } structRspGetFwRevision; Every time the header-file changes i had to modify the typedefs manualy. Had someone the same problem and did some concept-VIs ? or Is there somewhere a Demo-VI, i didn't found? How to create a Cluster with scripting? Hints or links will be fantastic, too. Thanks a lot. Bernd
  7. Hey together, i had a problem... my LabView crashed and i didn't save this VI. So i tryed it again. Now it's working fine... Sry.
  8. Hy Programmers, i want to merge a 2D-Array and a 1D-Array. But after the while-loop it don't work. Why??? If a 1D-Line is found in the 2-D Array i would replace it. if not (i deleted bevore i take the screenshot) i would add it at last. The Arrays are Arrays of Clusters(String;String;Timestamp). Why it isn't working? I'm confused.
  9. :question: how could i delete this 2nd post?
  10. Hello LabVIEW users, programmers and friends, I create a Programm to send Data with the Channel-API to a LED-board. I use LowSpeed-Transceiver; 125kBaud; SP=81,3%; BTR1=0xC3; BTR2=0x2B. I use "CAN Init Start.vi" to send with the "CAN channel-name" Port "CAN1" mode "Output Recent" sample rate "0" and "CAN Init Start.vi" to read with the "another CAN channel-name" Port "CAN1" mode "Input" sample rate "10000" It works perfect, but it is really "slow" (84ms per message-frame[6,3ms data + 78ms break]). If i open the NI-CAN BusMonitor it works really faster! (10ms per message-frame[6,3ms data+ 3,7ms break]). But WHY??? Same Code! I just open the BusMonitor! ??? Is there a setting that speed up the CAN-communication or set another priority to the LabVIEW-programms? I want to include this settings to my programm, but don't no what they are. I get a timing statistic: "CAN Read Single Chan Multi Samp 1D Dbl.vi" uses without monitor 312,5 ms (423 runs) and with monitor just 78 ms (also 423 runs). "CAN clear.vi" without monitor 172 ms (382 runs) and with monitor 62 ms (382 runs). ? Why this difference ? An other question: Can i get the information if a channel (by name, not by task reference) ist initialiced yet? So i must not initiate it again. Could anyone help me? Thanks a lot Bernd F.
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