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  1. Mads, Thanks for your help. I got rid of the leading zeros in the IP address and the software reads back the data now! Thanks again for taking the time.
  2. Rolf, Thanks for your help. I switched the Master Holding Register Read to a Master Input Register Read but still get nothing. The slave doesn't seem to care about the unit id. Qmodmaster returns data whether the unit id is 0, 1 or 2. Address hex 100 works well for Qmodmaster so I used 256 decimal in Labview. Tried 100 hex also, just in case. I'm wondering if Labview is finding its way out of the computer at all. There are no messages and no data. The register value window is greyed out. The DATA TYPE tab is greyed out on the Properties window. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help.
  3. Mads, Thanks for your help. Wouldn't the software read the register specified by the starting address whether it was an input register or holding register? Or is there some built-in protocol that would get confused?
  4. I'm trying to read six input registers from a remote device but the software I put together doesn't seem to do much; no errors but no read-backs either. I'm a beginner, so the answer is probably simple. The remote device input registers start at 200 hex. The device uses TCP and the IP address is correct. My computer communicates well with the remote device through QmodMaster. Any help you could give would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike. Modbus Read 01.pdf So far 01.vi
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