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  1. Hey @Bryan. I agree. It's already a headache, even just looking working on my own old code (I go through and clean things up as I learn more). I don't dare open up the older programs (anymore) for fear of what I'll see. I'll gladly let those sleeping dogs lie. At the same time, I'm concerned about developing bad habits. Yeah, the LabVIEW Wiki has been a lot of help. The NI event videos have been a boon (at least the ones I understand have been). I've been lurking on this and the NI Community to pick up things here and there.
  2. Hi @JKSH, thanks for the reply. I agree but my employer isn't willing to pay for training. I'm hesitant to shell out my own money for it as I'm not sure how invested I am / we are in LabVIEW (do we yell at people for writing labview here like they do on the NI forums?). I was hired by a group that already used it and NI products so I learned and programed in it. Boss wanted LabVIEW, boss got LabVIEW. But now the boss is asking me what I think we should do. There are a lot of factors I have to consider in making that decision. That being said, it's also fun learning more about a language and it's always useful to have languages to pick from based on the task (at least that's my limited experience). I should probably mention that they used LabVIEW, they didn't know LabVIEW or really anything about programming.
  3. Does this forum welcome newer programmers/engineers? Hello, I am a new(er) engineer working in automation and robotics. I am not a “beginner” as I have produced multiple LabVIEW programs that are currently in use and have been functioning well. Unfortunately, I am entirely self-taught with no senior engineer to advise me. My employer won’t spring for any official training as he likes my work so I’m left trying to learn from others on various forums. I’m looking to get into some advanced topics like scripting as well as refine my approach to coding. I’m also interested in providing basic advice to beginners as I can. Some users on reddit told me this was a good place. Am I welcome to post here?
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