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  1. ZITAT(tcplomp @ Feb 7 2008, 05:37 PM) Hi Ton, thanks for your support. That really helps! Thomas
  2. Hi, is there a way, to convert a string into a timestamp? The string contains dd.mm.yyyy hh:mm:ss Thanks for any help, Thomas
  3. Hi Justin, my fault, i forgot to add the other two files. Here comes the xml-file, the java file i could not upload. The vi shows as a result, the data from the xml-file. I need to tell people what's going on in that vi, like first it loads the java file, then it opens the xml-file and so on. So i have to go through step by step. If you could help a little bit, would be great. Thanks, Thomas
  4. Hi folks, i need a pretty good discription of the added vi. It would help me a lot with my study work. If anybody could help, would be great. Thanks, Thomas
  5. Hi, thanks a lot for your support. The file is a .csv format (is not possible to uppload). I really could not find the icon where you set the parameter 0 and 1. I looked through the menue and the help function. I also did not find an icon equal to that. Thanks again.
  6. Hi, this vi puts the data from an exel file to a table. how can i display the data in a graph? it would be great, if somebody can help. thanks for your support. Thomas
  7. Hi, i need to read data from a .xls file (i can not attach the file) and i want to show the data as a graph. If somebody can help, would be great. Thanx for your support.
  8. ZITAT(JFM @ Mar 14 2007, 01:39 PM) That really helps. Thanks a lot.
  9. ZITAT(Mikkel @ Mar 5 2007, 03:56 PM) Hi, i put the path now into the vi, but i still got the same failure notice. the german ni support told me, it runs without problems. has anybody a solution? Thanks a lot. Thomas
  10. ZITAT(Mikkel @ Mar 5 2007, 02:08 PM) Hi, Thanks for your answears. i just forgot a little thing to mention. I want to run the vi continously with file path integrated in the vi. the xml-file gets new data every minute and the vi should always get the new data. thank you so far, thomas
  11. Hi, i want to run this vi continuously , but i get the following mistake "The data type of the Variant is not compatible with the data type, which is connected with the entrance". has anybody a sollution? i attached the vi and the xml-file i want to read. Thanks, Thomas
  12. Hi Randy, is it possible to modify your vi in the way, that the xml file path is included in the vi? the xml file i finally use, gets new datas every 30 secs, so the vi must update constantly. thanks for your support, thomas
  13. Hi Randy, the vi now runs also on my pc. great! do you have a description for your vi? thanks a lot man, this was a big help. Thomas
  14. Hi Randy, thanks for your help. If I select the file, i atteched above, i get a lot of errors. Did you try your vi with "my" file?
  15. Hi, thanks for your reply. I have some problems with these vi's. I started the demo vi, but i could not run it. It is always searching for some files during start. Is it possible to convert the file i atteched with these vi's. Thanks a lot.
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