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  1. Hello all, I am working on a project with NI Vision and I need to single out moving traffic, I was wondering if anyone had any idea's they could share. I was thinking of using the new optical flow algorithms in 2010 and looking at the results it seems like the optical flow HS VI would be a good place to start however it's output are "a reference to the image that contains the horizontal component or the magnitude component of the computed velocity at each pixel." and also one for the vertical component. I do not not know what this means though. Are they saying that each pixel value is the ve
  2. I have been meaning to get back to report some progress if anyone was interested for a long time but sadly I didn't really get beyond some early stages testing stuff. I got something basically going though. I can't share the code however The basic idea was that I would track the movement of the mouse within windows using an api call I found via google (I have lost the link sorry but I think it was in the ni.com developer section). I used buttons to represent the "tabs" and as the mouse left the button I opened a re-entrant VI and set the FP.Run-Time Posistion value to be slightly offset from
  3. This is probably a stupid question but is there any way to store and load values from a config file on a cRIO? thanks, Bernard
  4. That sounds like it will be pretty similar to what we are going for. I have done some work with subpanels and was thinking that I would use them. When changing "tabs" in the main screen was that a matter of loading new VIs into the subpanel? What was the response time like? The reason I was thinking about a tab was that I thought that response time would be better switching tabs than loading up a new subpanel.
  5. Hello, I am looking to create a user interface that has a bunch of tabs that can be opened and closed similar to a web browser. I was thinking maybe we could do it using the visibility settings on pages of a tab control and maybe moving tabs posistioning around. Failing that we could simulate tabs with buttons and changing elements of the interface to show a "tab" based on the buttons. I was wondering if anyone had done this sort of thing in labview before and had any tips. The user of the interface will also be able to send the contents of a tab into a new window that will have just what wa
  6. Thanks, I am largely just doing proof of concept stuff at the moment but I was thinking that an event case will be running in each of the interfaces, the messages being generated by the event cases. then being processed at a single point
  7. Hello All, I am writing an application that will be creating a number of sub interfaces that run separately from the main interface once they have been started. I want to be able to send a message back to the main interface from the sub interfaces and I was thinking I would do this by sending a queue to the sub interfaces so that they could add queue elements and the main interface could de-queue elements. Does anybody know if having multiple threads enqueueing on a single queue causes concurrency issues? The order is not super important so if "n" simultaneous enqueues end up on the queue in
  8. thanks again, I thought that was probably the case with regard to version changes. Looks like I have some reading ahead of me.
  9. Yeah that is the one. Thanks for the responses. I haven't done much with activeX before this. Is there a lot of difference between using one or the other? Also is there good way to handle the version of office changing?
  10. Hello, I have been using active x to create microsoft excel files from labview 8.2.1. I was wondering if anyone knew what DLL is actually called when using "Microsoft Office Spreadsheet 11.0" Is it the same thing as excel?
  11. Hey everyone we are having problems printing using labviews native print with a new printer. It is a canon pixma mx850 and it blue screens whenever we try to print from labview on an xp machine. When we print from our vista computer it is fine. I was wondering if anyone else has come across this sort of thing? Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I couldn't see a topic that it really fit into. thanks
  12. Does anyone know if you can stop labview from putting installer into a volume folder by default when building an installer from a project.
  13. I am trying to bind single process shared varibales to a front panel object, can anyone tell me if this is possible and if so how? When i look in the data binding section of the properties i can only see network published variables.
  14. I am trying to use shard variables with an install. my installer includes variable manager and variable engine. I have programmatically deployed the library containing the variables using an application invoke node. The variables are deploying becuase i can see them with the manager. however i am getting error: 1950679035 ni_tagger_lv_write when writing to the variables and from the front panel objects i have connected error 0x8ABC001 connecting to: \\My Computer\LibraryName\VarName
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