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  1. QUOTE (nicolasB @ Feb 14 2009, 09:18 AM) Nicolas- Thanks. That works. Can you elaborate on "padded width"? What kind of machenism is that?
  2. Hi, there, I tried to read a bitmap image, then convert it to a 2D array using 'array reshape', but the resulted image was distorted. To show that, I convert the 2D array back to picture. Any ideas?
  3. problem solved. the way I wired array into for loop was not correct.
  4. Hello, everyone, Here is my problem: I'd like to implement "connected component labeling" algorithm to analyze particles in a binary bitmap image. each time a pixel is read, if it is black, the original valus is kept; if it is white, and if its 8 neighoring pixels are all black, an unique id is assigned to the pixel; if one or more of 8 neighboring pixels are white too, then find out the ids of those pixels, and pick the lowest one assign to the current/central pixel. therefore, each time 9 values out of the image array will be read and the assigned id will be written back to the array.
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