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  1. LabVIEW 2010 is out, and when I try entering a relative path by using the "..\" construct, I receive an error message stating "Paths must be absolute" At least now I have pre and post build events so I can move the project output to where I want them to be.
  2. LabVIEW for FPGA for Wall Street

  3. John Lokanis, which is your idea? Can you provide us with a direct link? My idea is for True .NET Support http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW-Idea-Exchange/True-NET-Support/idi-p/977884#A2106 I basically think that NI should spend some more time and effort making LabVIEW inter operate with other programming languages and technologies better because I hope to use LabVIEW to co-develop applications already written in other languages!
  4. Cool, I will look him up. Basically, I think that one of the required functions to show a databinded control is missing from the LV implementation. Speaking with him sounds like a great idea! (DataBinding works when I wrap up the control into my own custom control... still working on it though)
  5. I got CLAD, and I have already verified that the DataSet does get properly passed by creating my own custom .NET user controls and doing the same thing. I guess I should specify that some .NET experience is required to understand what I am talking about. But either way, I will end up teaching some stuff about .NET to the rest of you guys, and you guys will teach me something about LabVIEW! Download File:post-6932-1164719124.vi
  6. Hi, I am a recent Microsoft-land programmer who has swallowed the blue pill and converted to LabVIEW and I was trying to get databinding working in the LabVIEW environment as if I was in .NET. I am attempting the following from LabVIEW (and .NET 2.0): (1) Create a System.Data.DataSet object, create one DataTable and populate it with two rows of data. (2) After I create this dataset, I use the regular .NET functions (via LabVIEW) to verify that the data is accessible and properly written to such DataSet. (3) I then databind this dataset to a DataGridVIEW control that I have placed inside of a .NET container on my Front Panel. Unfortunately, for some reason the databinding fails. I have written my own custom controls and have already verified that passing a DataSet to a .NET control works, so before I dig into all of the Microsoft Whitepapers and reinvent the wheel several times, can anybody tell me if they have had any success using .NET controls and databinding in LabVIEW? My goal is to use .NET controls (as advertised by NI) in my LabVIEW programs so that I can harness the power of these .NET controls instead of having to use the controls that already come pre-package with LabVIEW. I will post my results as I continue my investigation into this. Thanks, John
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