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  1. LabVIEW 2010 is out, and when I try entering a relative path by using the "..\" construct, I receive an error message stating "Paths must be absolute" At least now I have pre and post build events so I can move the project output to where I want them to be.
  2. LabVIEW for FPGA for Wall Street

  3. John Lokanis, which is your idea? Can you provide us with a direct link? My idea is for True .NET Support http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW-Idea-Exchange/True-NET-Support/idi-p/977884#A2106 I basically think that NI should spend some more time and effort making LabVIEW inter operate with other programming languages and technologies better because I hope to use LabVIEW to co-develop applications already written in other languages!
  4. Cool, I will look him up. Basically, I think that one of the required functions to show a databinded control is missing from the LV implementation. Speaking with him sounds like a great idea! (DataBinding works when I wrap up the control into my own custom control... still working on it though)
  5. I got CLAD, and I have already verified that the DataSet does get properly passed by creating my own custom .NET user controls and doing the same thing. I guess I should specify that some .NET experience is required to understand what I am talking about. But either way, I will end up teaching some stuff about .NET to the rest of you guys, and you guys will teach me something about LabVIEW! Download File:post-6932-1164719124.vi
  6. Hi, I am a recent Microsoft-land programmer who has swallowed the blue pill and converted to LabVIEW and I was trying to get databinding working in the LabVIEW environment as if I was in .NET. I am attempting the following from LabVIEW (and .NET 2.0): (1) Create a System.Data.DataSet object, create one DataTable and populate it with two rows of data. (2) After I create this dataset, I use the regular .NET functions (via LabVIEW) to verify that the data is accessible and properly written to such DataSet. (3) I then databind this dataset to a DataGridVIEW control that I have placed inside of
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