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  1. PaulL's post in Configuring Git to work with LVCompare and LVMerge was marked as the answer   
    Atlassian support and Git support have both pointed out that local and remote are consistent with the definition in the manual for difftool http://git-scm.com/docs/git-difftool.html.
    So, what we have is, in the global .gitconfig file:
    tool = "sourcetree"
    [difftool "sourcetree"]
    cmd = ''C:/Users/Paul/AppData/Local/Programs/Git/bin/_LVCompareWrapper.sh'' "$REMOTE" "$LOCAL"
    The associated wrapper script contents are:
    # Method to determine absolute path
    # The -W parameter on the pwd command is necessary to return the Windows version of the path.
    # Not using the -W parameter will result in a conversion of temp directory to a 'tmp' path meaningful only in the Linux # environment.
    # Piping the result through tr '/' '' translates the forward slashes to backslashes.
    # Windows understands forward slashes, but LVCompare.exe does not.
    abspath () {
    DIR=$(dirname "$1")
    FN=$(basename "$1")
    cd "$DIR"
    printf "%s/%s" "$(pwd -W)" "$FN" | tr '/' ''
    lvcompare="C:Program Files (x86)National InstrumentsSharedLabVIEW CompareLVCompare.exe"
    local=$(abspath "$1")
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