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  1. Hey! In connection with LabView Support we managed it to "boost" the thing... now it is possible that I am able to get data each 10ms (more than 15x faster)... so my measurement is a lot faster than before. (A "Wait" command was adjusted in the modbuslib, so that an important part of the VI runs every 1ms instead of 10ms) Thank you for your help! Harry
  2. [English] Hy! I read out a controller of a BergerLahr axles via RS232 (with an "RS232 to RS485" adapter) and I use the "Modbus" protocol to do this task. Everything works fine, but the readout rate is too slow... I am only able to achieve a rate of approx. 10-15Hz to get the data. Is there a possibility to boost the readout value ... (the more the better)? - in the attachment there is the screenshot of the VI (auslese01.JPG) - the VI itself (auslese.vi) - and the modbusprotocol f
  3. Hey Thank you for your help... I managed it to find out the addresses... there is a software tool which handles all the parameters of the axle and in this tool there are all the addresses included. Is there any VI in which I only have to put in the addresses and everything works? Greetings!
  4. English ------------- Hy @ all! I want to control a axle from Berger Lahr (Schneider Electric) with Modbus under the environment LabView 8.20 Unitl now I have tried a lot to make the thing work... http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/tut/p/id/4722 ... use the Modbus library respectively http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/epd/p/id/4756 Because of the fact that I am a greenhorn in connection with "Modbus", I am not sure how to make the axle work, which busregisters I should use, ... These are the files which are improtant for the task: The VI (Attachment) modbus.vi The Modbuslibrary ftp://ftp.ni.com/pub/devzone/epd/nimodbus.llb The Modbus Manual of the Axle/Contoller http://www.berger-lahr.com/upload/DokuDB/D..._V104_TE_EN.pdf I really hope, that you are able to help me Thank you for your time Greetings from Austria Harry Deutsch ------------- Hallo Ihr! Ich m
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