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  1. dear Dirk... actually i have opened that example before you refer it to me... and the problem is how to arrange it to print per page. this situation is clearer now. alfredo.
  2. hi dear yann.. your example is done well. thanks. now i try to extract certain row of the table of 2D array. i still struggling with this.. any idea?? regards. telur
  3. this attachment file below show the chart that i want to print everytime it is fulfilled. u can see, the maximum data displayed on that chart are 30 data. so, i need vi to print it automatically at 30, 60, 90, ... for your information, suppose it will took 30 second to return 30 data and 60 second to print a page of front panel with 30 data. Delay are allowed here... have any idea?? telur.
  4. thanks for the information, but i have clearly said that i want to plot those data on a CHART, not a GRAPH, coz i need the strip type of chart. chart doesn't have annotation property.
  5. i don't know how to upload my vi... pliz show me thw way.. :worship:
  6. i'm a newbie.. but as many as i read, i didn't find yet an example associated with realtime printing... pliz corect me if i'm wrong... i found an example, certain indicator will be printed when the vi accomplished. actually i want that indicator always be printed any time the data is fulfilled. thanks.
  7. is there any of u know how to save array of numeric and string data together on one spreadsheet file, please send me any solution, trick, or example code. regards. telurkuda.
  8. i have a real time measurement, and i want to set realtime printing up. the address of printed data is A4 paper. i want to set everytime the data reach certain data, for example 200 data, the data will be printed to A4 paper, and then wait for the next printing till the 200 latest data acquired. if any of you understand this case please give any solution, trick, or code. i will apreciate any helping hand. regards.
  9. is there any of you can help me to do this??? i need my chart can not only plot point but also text data and number. regards.
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