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  1. I understood was Brian was saying . What is missing are the characters "T1" before ALL the commands. I modified it and I've got the answer from the instrument. However, now I'm getting a new error related to the waiting time. If I increase it in the box the error is still present. I suppose something is wrong in the reading time, maybe Labview waits for a closing character that doesn' t arrive? Enclosed screen error. I'm a beginner...be patient. Gianmarco
  2. Hi, I'm doing the same as Brian did, i.e. interfacing a Digi-Sense 89000-0015 with Labview 8.2 (so I suppose Visa driver is the last available). The Brian's vi (as posted) doesn't work with my instrument too. I haven't understood what is missing in the code, what is the missing portion of the "Header message" ? If Brian or someone else can add this detail this will be helpful for me. Thanks Gianmarco
  3. Hi Manfred, you are very right! That's what I did following also the suggestions of Ni-support team (italy). I measured the voltage of all the pins during a working transmission by the multimeter itself. I understood that the working programs (Mas-view and Matlab) setted the RTS to null instead Labview put it to high. So I modified it and ...now it 's working I suppose this is not a very common serial transmission procedure but that is.Thanks to people that helped me. For the people intered in I enclosed a couple of vis for a working communications. Gianmarco Download File:post-7095-1165435177.vi Download File:post-7095-1165435195.vi
  4. Hi Ton you are right : these parameters were modified later. Anyway if you put terminator character "False" and you read only 14 bytes you get the same framing error (1073807339). The same is true for flow control that should be 0. I 've enclosed again the start.vi with the parameters in line with what you said. Sorry for my mistake. The reason why I modified the Visa configurator is to modify XonXoff characters. It was the only way I found. Gianmarco Download File:post-7095-1165146406.vi
  5. Hi, I'm a beginner of Labview (8.2) and I'm trying to controll a Digital Multimeter DVM345DI ex Velleman (alias MAS34-xx ex Mastech I found both the vendors supply the same nstrument produced somewhere in China). The instrument uses a RS232C serial interface that works with a software called Mas-View. The communication specs are the following: RS232C Interface protocol 3-1. MAS34X series Mode : 600,n,7,2 Format : Ascii Code Total : 14 bytes Whenever any one byte received from P/C, output 14 bytes. BYTE 1-2 : MEASURING MODE (ex;DC,AC,OH,CA,TE...) BYTE 4 : SIGN(-) BYTE 5-9 : Decimal point and value Current measurement value(ex;10.00, OL.,3.999) BYTE 10-13 : Unit (ex; mV,A,KOHM,nF...) BYTE 14 : Carriage Return Note : Interval time over 1 second is required for stable measuring data from the meter. I also made a Matlab code that is working fine : s = serial('COM4'); s.BaudRate=600; s.StopBits=2; s.Timeout=10; s.Terminator=''; s.DataBits=7; s.ReadAsyncMode = 'continuous'; get(s,{'BaudRate','DataBits','Parity','StopBits','Terminator'}); fopen(s); fprintf(s,'D'); s.BytesAvailable; out = fscanf(s) % es DC -0.000 V fclose(s); Now, I would like get the same thing with Labview. I did the code start.vi with a modified driver for the serial communication (both enclosed). Nothing to do, I cannot succed. I suppose I have some parameters wrong in the .vi code. I always get: Error -1073807253 occurred at VISA Read in start.vi Possible reason(s):VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF006B) A framing error occurred during transfer. I monitored all the three communications with Portmon. I have reported all the results in the spreadsheet file. In my opinion something is wrong in the read part. It is also interesting that Mas-view and Matlab get the data in two different ways,but Labview cannot get the answer from the instrument. This makes me crazy ! Anyone can help me ? Whatever suggestion is wellcome, thanks. Gianmarco Download File:post-7095-1165066712.vi Download File:post-7095-1165066765.vi Download File:post-7095-1165067071.xml
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