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  1. Hi You used too many Express VIs and writing *.lvm file is also very slow. I think you need to programm your software with DAQmx VIs and save data to binary file. When you use the while loop structure, you need to place a time delay. If you don't do that, the CPU usage will be 100%. Vern Wu
  2. Thank you! But it can not creat controls dynamically, because the number of controls is certain. I think I have made a mistake, my opinion does not accord with logic. Thanks for your helps, I learn a lot in this forums. Bin Wu :thumbup:
  3. I suggest you could try to save your data to LVM file, DIAdem can read the LVM file, too.
  4. I Think you can also use the Global Variable to solve you problem!
  5. Hi Why not I have the property node? Thanks for your help me! Bin Wu
  6. Hi I want to add controls when the vi is running , so I download some OpenG Packages that included the function "New VI Object" , can I use it to build a control on front panel ? There is no help document about it , is there anybody can help me ? Thanks very much ! Bin Wu
  7. Hi Why I can't use the VI? I don't have the property node. Does anybody can help me? My labview's version is 8.0 Bin Wu
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