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  1. Yeah but I'd like to set up the one VI to write the cluster to the file and determine the Data type at run time, the example posted is a trivial one to test my ideas out. In my final application it's likely to be 20->30 variables that's likely to change frequently during development. Hoped I'd be able to use Variant to Flattened String then use the data type String in a case statement to define the data type but I couldn't get that working either. I'm off to look at the variantconfig package, thanks to both of you for replying Derek
  2. I am trying to put together a VI's 'state so it can be re-loaded. I was hoping to pass in only a cluster and have the config file use the name of the Cluster as the section then in that section have each element of the cluster as a key in that section i.e. [Cluster1] Span=50 Speed=20 Home=TRUE Enable=FALSE Carrier Size=127 [Cluster2] Span=10 Speed=100 Home=FALSE Enable=FALSE Carrier Size=127 This is what I've come up with... but I get the following error "These cannot be wired together because their data types (numeric, string, array, cluster, etc.) do not match. Show the Context
  3. Hi I'm currently trying to interface with a Can bus driver dll. I have used the DLL succesfully with C# but I'm having a problem in Labview that I just can't catch. I've interfaced a number of the functions using the 'Call Library Function' Block' without a problem, but it all goes wrong for me when I try and input a Cluster to one of the functions i.e.... C# // CAN message [StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential, Pack = 1)] public struct TPCANMsg { public uint ID; // 11/29 bit identifier public byte MSGTYPE; // Bits from MSGTYPE_* public byte LEN; // Data Length Code of the Ms
  4. Hi Everyone, Sorry for going quiet on this subject but myself and Baptie were away at NI last week doing our Basic 1 and 2 Course and now Baptie is on holiday for a few days. When he returns we'll be sitting down and looking at our over all VI architectures armed with our new knowledge and your comments. We'll keep you posted as our 'plan' developes. Thanks again to all who have taken time to offer there advice. Del
  5. Yeah... I guess that makes sense. Thanks everyone for the help it's appreciated
  6. Managed to get that working :thumbup: Couldn't work out how to add a notifier out though. Ended up adding the control to the main VI then turned the section into a VI to create the interface. Is there a more direct way of doing this? Thanks again Derek
  7. Thanks guys... not really understood your reply's, as I said I'm a newbie from a C background... but you've both gave me some stuff to try so I should be able to work out it from here (famous last words) Thank you both very much for your reply, I will let you know how I get on. All the best Derek
  8. Hi I'm just new to Labview and have a bit of a newbie question. I have set up and Tested a VI to control a motor via the CAN_Open protocol, and it's working fine. It's currently in a timed while loop. It has a Dial control for speed a latch button for on/off and a radio button to select it's direction of rotation. I'm my final application I'll require 3 of these motors with exactly the same controls though the Max and min speeds will be different, as will it's coms ID. I'd like to be able to just include this VI, pass it the Max and Min values etc and replicate it on my front panel and use it
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