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  1. Thanks for your response and for your information , it is very usefull. About the comment of yen, sorry as I told I,m new in this forum, I will take in count in the future. Thanks a lot again for your help regards
  2. Hi all, I,m new in this forum and any help will be apreciate. I installed a RTX runtime in XP SP2 with Labview 82 installed yet, after I reboot the computer and restarting appears a screen to select XP normal or RT XP support, I select RT XP support, aftyer this I install Labview real Time 82. I go to one of the examples opening the project manager and over RT target change the address to "localhost" and select OS to RTX, run the vi, starts to deploy but is stopped by an error "Failed to connect to RT engine" Anyone can help me please? Thanks in advance
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