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  1. another little question ;p suppose that the frequency of my pulse is knowed, said 1Hz, easy to count in MAX I can see it easealy on the specified channel of my cFP DI : 1 ... 0 ... 1 ... with the good frequency but when I put a fp read and a indicator in a simple while loop the frequency is shorter and realy instable, sometimes 10Hz, sometimes 200Hz ... I've tried with a delay between eatch loop, in a timed structure ... always the same but in MAX it's still good ! is there is a diffrence between MAX reading and the fp read ?
  2. my frequency is about 100-300Hz so it won't be a problem for the sampling rate of the digital input (1kHz) thank your for your help, it was very helpfull matthieu
  3. Hi everybody! I have a cFP DI that reads a pseudo-periodic pulse how could I put this signal on a timeline to measure the length of the 1 pulse ? I've tried to put it on a digital waveform but it seems to need an array of 8 signals, I don't realy understand Any others methods are welcome I have lavbiew 8.2 dev suite Regards matthieu
  4. oh, it's not as easy to downgrade ;p but it's ok now my problem is : when I want to upgrade the labview realtime from 8.0 to 8.2 in my controller, like the 8 first steps here, and I have after a certain amount of time a "56 error code", possible reason is timeout, so I put the timeout to the maximum (360000) but the error is still there, any idea ? matthieu
  5. sorry Jim, I'll do my best thank you Tom for your answer, a snapshot of my software in max is attached to my first post My CFP is a 2120, designed to work with LV RT 7.1, 8.0 is installed, and you propose me to install LV RT 8.2, ok, are you sure this is compatible with my hardware ? I'm ready to do this but my boss is more scary than me, I've seen the procedure to install new software on CFP (http://www.ni.com/support/fieldpoint/fpenet.htm) I suppose this is as easy to uninstall software to get back to a previous version but is it possible to make a total backup of all the firmware and the installed programs to be sure not to loose anything on the controller in the eventuality of a potential problem ? I didn't find any information on this kind of procedure on the web matthieu
  6. Hi ! I’m new on compact field point platform and I have some versions compatibility problems : on my controller (2120) : fieldpoint drivers 5.1.2 fieldpoint Vi manager 4.0.0 real time 8.0 ... (see the attached image) this set-up was made by my predecessor (gone forever with the coding computer) for some obscure reasons and now my boss ask me to make some modification on the code, so I tried to deploy a new version on the FP and of course there is a version compatibility problem with versions installed on my computer I have tried both LV 8.0, 8.2, LV real time 8.0, 8.2 I need LV and LV RT 8.2 to open the project and I was unable to export it to a previous version (8.0) the recomended software for this controler is the FieldPoint driver compatible with LVRT 7.1 is FP Control Environment 5.0.2, and FP VI Manager 3.0.0. real time 8.0 seems to be needed by the controller (instead of 7.1) but when I try to deploy I think 8.2 is used by my computer the LV code deployed on the controller works fine but we need to add some fonctionalities, I was thinking of re-inteall all the compatible versions but my boss doesn’t want me to modify the software installed on the controller because in case of a problem we have a production problem ... so I can just do watever I want with my computer in he's memories a NI guy is came few months ago to make some modification on the coding computer (gone) but there is no information about what does he made… is there is a way to get off this $#!& ? sorry for my poor english matthieu
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