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  1. hello everyone... I have created one one simulation of string n I want to save data into file...but I think I have prob here...It seems like it can write data into text file...could anyone help me.refer to my vi, I can create write to spread sheet after the output of shift register there.but I want to try this method...wire from array and link to write file...but I have no idea there to generate it...thank u very much...
  2. Hello 2 everyone.firstly i hav no problem bout how to build a waveform from the string using RS232 serial comm.I'm using instrument I/O assistant (IIOA) to communicate with message-based my hardware and graphically parse the response.The list of numbers below shown from ASCII of my microcontroller. After I configure my hardware using IIOA, i can build the string V n I easily.so,my problem is how to write to measurement file and save into one file with timer.Such a example like...emm... let's say if I want to start save data into file form now.and then i want to stop in 3 minutes later witho
  3. hai everyone....my question is how to perform data from using instrument control such as serial RS-232 for microsoft excel....how to provide direct add-ins to Microsoft Excel for acquiring and controlling serial-controlled instrument...i mean write data from serial or ASCII into excel...can u all who read this give me some example for this problem...thank you...
  4. hi everyone....can anybody tell me how to zoom the data from the waveform at the front panel....how to build n program it....thank u
  5. hai everyone.... Many instruments return a waveform as an ASCII string or a binary string. Assuming the same waveform, a binary string transfer is faster and requires less memory than an ASCII string transfer. Binary encoding requires fewer bytes than ASCII encoding......so i think i will use function extract number.vi to convert ASCII waveform string to waveform(numeric array) but in labview 8.0 i didn't find this function.so anybody can find this function to me? or else...any other solution about how to convert ASCII waveform string to waveform(numeric a
  6. hye everyone...i want ask u all...where i can download Instrument I/O assistant for labview 8.0 and higher....in NI official site only have downloading for labview 7.0 evaluation version ......bcoz labview 8.0 installation did not include this device driver right....so...i hope you all who read this will reply as soon as posibble..thank u 4 co-op......
  7. hi everybody....I want to display the date and time to the labview...can anybody help me to give me an example how to convert time and date setting from the windows taskbar into labview thank u very much...
  8. Dear Karthik, Thank U for ur help...u help me so much...you're superb mr karthik....and last i want ask u question...maybe last...be4 i'll do it by myself...i know it's to much of u...but...i want to know where can i download or else labview 8 or 8.2 device driver...my labview 8.2 not include this driver...thank u very much 4 ur co'operation...
  9. thanks 4 ur answer....u help me alot...now my serial port can configure from hardware to labview...and now...how 2 build waveform...i think i can do it....b4 that can u give a example for reference...and how to wire up to serial read via visa after build array function to organize data and waveform for graphing purposes.i hope u reply soon....thank u...
  10. hello to all labview masters...i have some question... 1. I'm using labview 7.1. I have a problem my serial communication to read data from hardware of microcontroller...so can u all or any volunteers give me some examples of serial read via VISA of hardware I/O.... 2. and addition...now i want to know how to build a waveform or other parameters after we configure our serial communication.example...i'm using a micro C to program that measure voltage and current...and all this data will send to the pc using labview.... i think i can solve to create a serial read. and now the problem is i can'
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