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  1. Hi, i'm fairly new to Labview and i'm currently stucked in a problem that i think is very simple but to which i can't find a simple solution. I'm using a data acquisition device to get measured temperature, force, pressure and i would like to save those data (with header) on a spreadsheet file when i press a button (the "write to file" button in the Vi attached) and stop recording data when unpressed. I can now do this but if i stop and restart the recording the new data are just appended to the previous file without header, so i cannot distinguish when a new recording started. Actually what i wanted to achive with this Vi was to automatically create a file with a specified name (with header wich is only present one time in it) that is changing to each press of the button and without asking for a new path for every new file. Is there a way to simply do this? thank you. MVB.vi così.txt
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