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  1. Hello. I have a fast steering mirror system (FSM-300) and a NI USB-6008 device. I am trying to control the x-axis and y-axis, so i can use it to scan anything. I am attaching the file( which is the code) I am using to generate the signal and introduce to the x+ command on the mirror controller. I use oscilloscope to read the voltage and it doesn`t show sine waves. It seems like just some noise. I am not sure is my code wrong or my connection. I use labview 2020 community edition and daq mx of 21.3 version, so it doesn`t seem to be a problem. The photo is what I get on the oscilloscope. I tried to change an oscilloscope and wires. The usb device seems to be working okay because its diode is turned on. generate the signal.vi
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