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  1. hi all, i am using 2 screens for the same pc and i would like to programmatically place my master vi on the left screen and the subvi on the right screen. can you guys give me a hint? thanks alex
  2. QUOTE(tnt @ Dec 3 2007, 09:24 AM) thanks for the reply, i understand that i'm adding an extra delay but its purpose is to automatically detect and display the correct number of frames/sec. reducing this delay should as you say make it faster but then i will not be showing the video at the correct speed (meaning the speed of the real event that was recorded). also i guess that the time labview takes to read , display and delete each frame should be less than a millisecond. alex
  3. QUOTE(MikaelH @ Nov 18 2007, 09:46 PM) thanks for the reply, i tried using the Windows Media Player and the problem i'm having is that the playback is not very smooth, it kind of 'jumps' frames while it is loading the .avi . i dont think this is a labview problem because i have the exact same behaviour when opening the same .avi with windows media player running as an independent application. with other programs like DivX this is not an issue and everything runs just fine. by the way this happens with both WMP 9 and 11 on a pentium III 800MHz PC with 512 Mbytes RAM and running XP professional with sp2. i have tried also a different approach which is to use IMAQ AVI open.vi and IMAQ AVI read frame.vi. i have attached a pic of the code. the problem with this is that the playback is slow. meaning that the time it takes to update each frame is too long. i can not see why because i read the number of frames in the .avi file and then set a delay according to that. however i have seen that the time delay is not accurate. so for example if i dont read the frame rate from the .avi but hard code say 2 frames per second then it works. if i say 4 frames/sec then i see about 2.5 frames per second. if a say 1000 frames/sec the speed is not faster than 25 frames/sec. has anyone experienced the same? thanks alex
  4. hi, is there a function in LAbview 6,7 or 8 to playback a video file (.avi , .mpeg)? or do i need to get the IVision toolkit? ideally i would like to have a video function that handles both image and audio. is that possible? or will i need to extract the audio and then synchronise an audio and a video function to play simultaneously? thanks, alex
  5. eaolson, you're right-thanks for the pointer! for future reference: Q: how to create a new (empty) pic of a specified size Ans: http://forums.lavag.org/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=5914 Q: how to control the borders when opening an existing pic so that they fit perfectly around it Ans: http://forums.lavag.org/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=5913 Q: is it possible to display a pic without borders? Ans: the way is to customize the Picture control and move its border color to the background (the actual figure in on a 'higher' layer, thus covering the border). this works even when the picture control is programmatically resized. alex
  6. hej, a fast way to do your DSP would be to call Matlab from Labview (that's if you're familiar with Matlab). then you can load the wav file , do the FFT and analysis in Matlab (this kinda makes Labview obsolete though...!) otherwise, in Labview to : load a wav: Snd Play Wave File.vi FFT: under Functions there are vi's to do FFT bandpass filters: see under Functions\analyze\signal processing\filters LEDs: control the LEDs with outPort.vi good luck ps. if you have the time please tell me why it is that getting just the peak at a certain frequency range will tell you something...why not energy in the octave/third octave bands. how do you excite the coconut? alex
  7. hi there, trying to set the size of a picture, i read its "rect" data and then pass this to: draw flattened pixmap.vi or draw rect.vi i get no errors, neither control over the size... the question really is: a) how to create a new (empty) pic of a specified size b) how to control the borders when opening an existing pic so that they fit perfectly around it c) is it possible to display a pic without borders? working on LabView 6.0 ad 7.0 thanks a lot, alex
  8. aka

    bmp read&draw

    hi all, Read BMP File.vi and Draw Flattened Pixmap.vi are indeed the right functions. what i was doing wrong and caused the problem, was not connecting all inputs to the Draw Flattened Pixmap.vi (was connecting only the flattened image data array) - although this didn't cause errors, the pic didn't show up. thanks for the replies, alex
  9. aka

    bmp read&draw

    QUOTE(Jonas @ May 15 2007, 03:52 PM) hi Jonas, unfortunately i have only LabView 6.0 and 7.0 . is it possible to save yout vi's for version 7.0 compatability and post them again? thanks anyway, alex
  10. hi there, a simple question: how can i read a bmp file and show it on the front panel? i thought i had to use: Read BMP File.vi and Draw Flattened Pixmap.vi but nothing happens. what am i doing wrong? i dont have any specialized packages, so i'm running with the basic vi's on LabView 6.0 thanks, alex
  11. aka

    sound file info

    QUOTE(JFM @ Feb 15 2007, 01:53 PM) it sure does! thanks JFM /aka
  12. aka

    sound file info

    hi, i need to read the duration of a .wav file, or alternatively the size of the file and its sampling frequency. using Labview 6i (6.0.3). thanks!
  13. PLEASE IGNORE THIS - i found out! hej, can you tell me how to pass a string or 1D string array to the MATLAB Script Node? i'm using Labview 6i (6.0.3.) many thanks, alex
  14. ---------------- i tried your suggestion and what happens is that you still cannot replace or edit the green part with a circle for example, or even rotate it. other suggestions? thanks
  15. do you know how to change the shape of the green part of a push button? i'm using Labview 6.0.3. thanks
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