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  1. The problem is not solved in the latest version of VIPM ! version 2022.0 --> build 2371 This problem is known since 2 years ! Please wake up JKI ! This functionality is important for who want to make business. JKI.rar
  2. Ni just modify my resume and i have a point with them today.
  3. Ok let's do it today. As soon as i have time i'll will contact them and make feedback. The problem is there is too much disparate document and all are not updated and miss a lot of information.
  4. I download Protection PLUS 5 SDK LabVIEW Edition. This is a labview project. But when i try to use it an error occur. (screen shot : LabVIEW 1,2) I dont understood how it works. (download link here)
  5. HAIBAL project started in June 2021. After multiple postpone we are proud to share our first release note.
  6. Yes already read this document. If i apply new to solo server you will create an account on softwarekey.ni.com --> only for case 2. The best way is to use Protection PLUS 5 SDK LabVIEW Edition to generate *.if but for now it does not work and softwarekey are aware on it. I'm waiting there feedback.
  7. Let’s clarify all of these information ! To licence you have two licencing tools (why why whyyyyyyyyy 😆) If you choose TPLAT you'll have to generate a file *.if then protect your library then construct it. Then you'll be able to manage it 😲 It's a MESS Case Economic model Licencing Tools Licence management Distribution Construction tool TPLAT MODE Account 1 Through NI (70 for you /30 for NI) NILM NI NI website VIPM NI 2 TPLAT include construction of licence file .if SOLO server activation free VIPM store Standard softwarekey.ni.com 3 Externally (independant) TPLAT not include construction of licence file .if (have to use Protection PLUS 5 SDK LabVIEW Edition) SOLO server activation pay directly softwarekey VIPM store VIPM Advanced softwarekey.com To resume ... it's a mess 😆 If you want to go through NI information are disparate and hard to have, document date from 2012, 2015, 2018 ... a mess If you want to do it by yourselves it's worst because Protection PLUS 5 SDK LabVIEW Edition which is useful to generate *.if is not working (download link here) to manage licence have to create an account https://secure.softwarekey.com/ I'm actually in contact with softwarekey to solve issues ...
  8. Thank you ShaunR for the help Yes but if you use NI software key you'll have to pay fee to NI. As i understood there is two different way of thinking this part Yes, but if you use the NI software key, you will have to pay a fee to NI. From what I understand, there are two different ways to think about this part 1 - Get started with NI Advantage --> Your package will be on ni.com, NI helps you directly and they manage your licensing policy. Disadvantage: you have to pay a fee to NI (30%). I feel it exessive for long term, they are too greedy and i dont want to sell my package to expensive i will lose customers. 2 - Do it yourself Advantage: you are free to do what you want. Disadvantage --> more complicated to do, not well documented.
  9. Merci Antoine, it was usefull. I finally found the solution here . Now Third Party Licensing & Activation by NI is distributed on VIPM. The thing is documentation is not update and can be misleading. I think NI or JKI need to update there documentation on it. There is a lot of information spread out all over the place and it's not an ease ...
  10. Package is installed and it's not present (after reboot) Your capture is labview 2013 ...
  11. Thank for your feed back. After reading and took the time on all these point our conclusion is we will do 2 versions. Lite for free and Pro with activation licence. So now I would like to add an activation code or an installation key to my installer for deployment. I found a link to the Third Party Licensing and Activation Toolkit I followed the instruction, Installed JKI VI Package Manager (VIPM) before installing the Third Party Licensing and Activation Toolkit. However, I could not find where to start the Third Party Licensing and Activation Toolkit, and could not figure out how to use it. 😰 I'm not the only one with this same problem and on NI forum no answers ... Is someone already use it and can help me ? As i understood i have to use it to format my project then i'll will need to link to softwarekey solution to manage the generation and sell part of key. Thank you for your help.
  12. thanks again for all of these informations. Let me check all of these.
  13. Hi everybody, Is someone know what possibility exist to distribute a library on LabVIEW. I mean, is there only VIPM tool ? I would also like to know where I can find a complete guide on licensing and licensing policy. If i want to put licence on my product what are my option ? How it works (licensing tools) ? What are the different types of licenses possible ? I would like to make several versions of my HAIBAL project with several licensing policies (student, lab and pro) and didn't find a document explaining all of this part. As this is our first software sale on the NI store (or other platform) and I don't have a lawyer on my team, I have a lot of questions: is it complicated to sell my product online ? What are the obligations attached to each type of license? Does JKI offer a solution for all this? If so, how much does it cost? Is it only an acquisition cost, or do you then take a royalty on sales? Is someone can help me on this subject ? Thanks ! Youssef
  14. The idea is to propose not only a simple library on LabVIEW but also to propose an alternative to Keras and Pytorch. HAIBAL is a powerful modular library and more practical than python. Be able to run any deep learning graph on cuda or Xilinx FPGA platform with no particular syntaxes is really good for Ai users. We are convinced that doing artificial intelligence with LabVIEW is the way of the future. The graphics language is perfect for this. The promotional video is not aimed at LabVIEW users. It is for those who want to do deep learning in graphical language. We are addressing engineering students, professors, researchers and R&D departments of companies. LabVIEW users already know what drag and drop and data flow are. LabVIEW users do not need this kind of video.
  15. This video is for the vulgarisation of our product. We took the inspiration from NI : It's marketing and vulgarisation because we address the world of deeplearning which does not formally know the graphic language
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