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  1. QUOTE(yen @ Oct 5 2007, 01:37 PM) Thanks! The weird thing is that the labtop now is running faster and I didn't do any change. Anyway I'll try to optimize the VI's. I'll try your suggestions.
  2. Well, I think the title is already quite explicit. I have three VI's running at the same time in a slow labtop. I'd like to know if I can make my system run faster by creating an .exe or not. Otherwise I guess I'll have to enhance the code... :'(( Oh another question: do graphs that show 1M points make the VI much slower? Thanks!
  3. Hi, Following SciWare suggestions I found the problem. It was about estimating one of the parameters. It still gives me an error which I have to find out why, but it gives a good curve now. I'll post more about it once I solve the last error. Thanks.
  4. Yey! You're right. Here they are. QUOTE(SciWare @ Mar 18 2007, 11:12 PM)
  5. Ok, I'll be waiting for your answer. )
  6. Hello, Because I am new at this I can't manage to know if a VI can output, more than once, data through the same output. For instance a loop (with autoindexing disabled) just ouputs the last value. But what if I need to get all the middle results? Or imagine I want to do continous acquisition and I cannot store all the data at once in the VI. I would need to put out pieces of data every certaing time. Thank you, Nil
  7. QUOTE(Neville D @ Feb 26 2007, 10:37 PM) Here are the VI's. The main one is the one with the word "TEST" in the name. The other 2 are subVI's. The "Acquire 1 divided by f idealized spectrum parameters.vi" is the VI supposed to use the Non linear curve fit. Nil
  8. QUOTE(mermeladeK @ Feb 16 2007, 11:39 AM) Here I am! Well, I checked what you said and... it's not about the zeros. I tried a different input for the Nonlinear Curve Fit VI and it keeps saying again the same thing: NI_Gmath.lvlib:Nonlinear Curve Fit LM.vi. Does any1 have an idea of what is the problem with this VI? Attached the input waveform:
  9. As soon as I come back and get working on this again I'll tell you if your answer is right. However if I remember well, the last data in the graph was non-zero. I'll try to plot a logaritmic graph so that it is easier to see it's non zero. QUOTE(Neville D @ Feb 9 2007, 06:58 PM)
  10. Hello SciWare, Sorry for the delay. I thought I had posted a message on wednesday but it seems I didn't. The data wired to the Block is in the next picture. It is a spectrum of a 1/f noise plus a white noise. I also attach a graph plot of the data contained in the array in the cluster of the spectrum graph. Nil
  11. Hello, I have a spectrum from a signal and I know how it should be theorically: A/(1+Bf**2)step(D-f)+E ...where f is frequency. ...where A, B, C, D and E are constants that I want to get from the real data. To solve this problem I try to use the "Non linear curve fit.vi", but it keeps saying: Error -20041 occurred at NI_Gmath.lvlib:Nonlinear Curve Fit LM.vi Possible reason(s): Analysis: The system of equations cannot be solved because the input matrix is singular. I checked if the array of independent and dependant values are equal, I checked the fitting model and everything seems ok. You know why it keeps saying the input matrix has no inverse matrix? Thank you. I attached a picture with the VI.
  12. mermeladeK

    Linux vs Windows

    Great info. Ok, so now I know I can use Linux for what I need. The bosses don't seem to interested in getting an academic license right now.
  13. mermeladeK

    Linux vs Windows

    Thank you for the valuable information. I am using the drivers I could found in the Driver Network in National Instruments (http://www.ni.com/devzone/idnet/). The drivers here are not specified to be for Win or Lin. This means they are for both? Right now the ones being used are the drivers for the Tektronix DPO4000 osciloscopes (http://sine.ni.com/apps/utf8/niid_web_display.download_page?p_id_guid=0CDA4000E8BC0C3FE0440003BA7CCD71) but I don't know if they are only for Windows. I guess they could be used in Linux as well if they are poster in ni.com. No?
  14. Hi!! I am working in the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia and we're gonna get a license. Because we mainly have computers with Linux we might get a Linux license. However I am wondering if the 2 versions (Win and Lin) are totally equal or they have any differences? This questions is mainly toward Linux programmers who might have found any problems that Windows programmers haven't found. Thank you very much!!
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