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  1. What is the basic difference between Matlab and Labview ? How to decide whether to use Matlab or Labview for a particular application. I am a 2nd yr undergraduate student in Electronics and Communications Engineering.
  2. hi friends, I have recently got the Labview 8.2.1 software. I have only a single cd. After the complete installation it prompts to insert the driver cd which i dont have. does NI provided this driver cd free to download ? I am even not able to open the examples shipped with Labview. Can anybody help me out ? :headbang:
  3. Sir, Please guide me in Interfacing PIC Microcontroller using serial port in Labview. Also please suggest me some image processing tools or addons in Labview.
  4. how to create executable VIs (.exe files) in Labview. Is it possible to run a VI without labview actually been installed on the system ???
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