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  1. Hi, When building an application (EXE) I am getting a message saying there is no disk in the drive. When I press "Continue" the process continues and completes. It is always on "NI_ReportGenerationToolkit.lvlib". It seems to has started to occur after installation of LV2011 SP1. Any ideas? /Staffan
  2. Hi, I am displaying VI panels in a subpanel. Some of the VI panels contains XControls. Ths works fine in the development environment. When I build an executable it takes a long time to display the VI panel (containg XControl) and a lot of .dmp files are generated. This happpens only the first time of each panel (each time the application is started). I have been in contact with NI and they are not able to get something useful from the .dmp files. Anyone experienced this kind of problem? /Staffan
  3. Hi, Nice to hear that you managed to complete the building process. About the "lazyLoadIcons=True". Beside the documented issue with the icon there are at least two more issues when this parameter is True When creating a new "VI for Override...", icon of the new VI is not updated. If changing the classicon and applying this to all member VIs, all member VIs not in memory/not opened will lose their "local" part. (I have a lot of VIs now that only have the "NI_Library"-part of the icon. Everything else is gone ). /Staffan
  4. Hi, I have had these kind of problems. Now I must use LV2011f2 to be able to make a build. What OS are you running? Which LV version? Have you enabled LV to use 3GB of virtual memory? http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361D-01/lvhowto/enable_lrg_ad_aware/ Have you set GDI objects to maximum? HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\GDIProcessHandleQuota (max 65536) /Staffan
  5. Mass compile did not help. I have been struggling with this problem for quite some time. NI made a fix to solve the problem which will be implemented in next LV2011 patch. /Staffan
  6. I am building an exe using LV 2010 SP1. The project contains about 6000 files (Vis, classes and lvlibs) After several hours I'm getting Build unsuccesful/Error 1 "Invalid input parameter...at xxx.vi". If I restart the buildingprocees I get the same error but on a different vi. None of the the vis are broken. Everything was ok until I added a set of new classes(plugin style). If I remove some other classes the build is ok, so it is not directly related to the new classes. Anyone experienced the same problem? /Staffan
  7. I have posted it on the NI forum. http://forums.ni.com...hread.id=434634 /Staffan
  8. I am also having problems when moving one of my projects from 8.6.1 to 2009. The problem is the Installer. The property window will not open and LabVIEW hangs. At first first it seems normal (CPU/Mem Usage (in Task Man)). After a while CPU goes to 0 but mem usage increases very slowly, but the property window does not open. I created a new Installer without any problems and I can build it from the project view. But when I try to open the property window LabVIEW hangs. One of my smaller project has no problem. /Staffan
  9. When working with LabVIEW and Source Code Control, it quite often happens that vi:s need to be saved due to subvi recompilation. Even if "Checkout Callers..." is checked, those vi:s are not always checked out by LabVIEW when the vi to be modified was checked out. This is also happens when working with LabVIEW classes. Making a changes in one class makes may affect other classes. To solve this when using Perforce as SCC, I checkout all vi:s (in Perforce), save all vi:s (in LabVIEW) and the "Revert Unchanged Files" (in Perforce). When using Clearcase I havn't found an easy way to do this. Why doesn't LabVIEW always know of which files to check out? Any suggestions on how to make it more easy when working with LV/SCC? /Staffan
  10. QUOTE(bpreis @ Oct 10 2007, 05:53 PM) Hi, The new behaviour on lvlib/folders is ok. Using .lvlib was a way for me to include files in the application. The new feature, "Perserve hierarchy" on the "Destinations"-page will solve this. This is something I have missed and asked for since the project was introduced. The missing file problem/files at wrong location seems to be the same as Justin's. /Staffan
  11. Thanks, I don't know why I missed that thread. It seems to be the same problem. About the Application. It might not be something wrong, it is just that they changed the behaviour. In 8.2.1 you can set "Set inclusion type for all contained items" for a .lvlib in the "Source File Settings". Not in 8.5 /Staffan Library: Library in Folder:
  12. I am having some problems using the Build Specifications-Installer in LV 8.5. The Application (EXE) is OK, but the installer will not include all files as specified by the Application. In the preview some files are the in the wrong place or missing. It worked fine in LV 8.2.1. Anyone been using the Installer in LV 8.5? Even if the application works OK, one thing I noticed compared to LV 8.2.1 is that if you include a .lvlib, files in that .lvlib will not be included in the application. I had to include the project-folder containing the .lvlib. /Staffan
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