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  1. I read through all the posts which helped me fix the problem with a data byte that is zero. I do have one problem that wasn't seen in prior posts. When I request a two byte return from a DAC7578 register, the first byte is correct and the second byte is shifted left one bit. In other words bit 7 is lost; all other bits are shifted up by one position; Bit 0 is always 1. I played with all the read options and most didn't change the results. deselecting start bit broke both bytes; selecting multibit made both bytes bad after a long delay. Changing the speed didn't matter, except highest speed broke both bytes; other three speed were same result. I request the read by sending 10 (all two characters numbers are hex) The writing of data is proven good. The lost bit 7 in the read operation does show up on the DAC output voltage (so it was written correctly) My adapter uses FT232H , I use LabVIEW 2019 32 bit , because 64 bit version didn't work with the library.
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