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  1. I am trying to build an application for a home automation module (control lights, climate, etc) using java to implement the main application. Obviously Java is a bad choice for sending and receiving data to the module, so I have done some research and it appears that LabVIEW is one of the best options when it comes to testing and implementation for devices like this module that uses a serial port to comunicate with my computer. Now, my question is, will I be able to use labview to send and receive data to and from my Java application? In other words, will I be able to interface LabVIEW with my Java application? It appears that appletiew let's you create java applets for the execution of LabVIEW modules but I don't think that is what I am really looking for. Perhaps my question is not 100% clear, if so please let me know so that I can try to rephrase it. Thank you, Vittorio
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