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  1. I am using a few LEDs as inidcators on my front panel. I am trying to build an event structure that captures the LED value changes. I am having trouble getting this to work. I'm probably missing something simple here, can anyone tell me what is wrong/how to get it working? Thanks, -Phil
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    You can see why I dont want to poll; the exact second could be missed. So far I've put my program as 'Time-Critical' execution. The problem with doing >=4:00:00 is that it would log every second after 4 o'clock, until it reaches midnight again. I'm writing to ask what you meant to "have a parallel process generate an event." How would I go about creating a notification, etc? Thanks, -Phil
  3. I was wondering what the best method to execute a sub-function at scheduled times of the day (ie. 4:00:00 AM and 4:00:00 PM) My program consists of a timed-loop structure counting different machine states, and it needs to log the data to file and restart the count twice daily. The way I have it now, in every loop cycle, it checks if the time = 4:00:00. However, I doubt this is the best way to do it, and I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. -Phil
  4. Thanks for the reply. That way works pretty efficiently. However I am looking to run the same VI with several different values. I think the method you mentioned views the VI 'realtime', so it might not work with what I am doing. What I tried now, is capturing an image of the front panel for each case and displaying those images. This method has some sort of delay. I think taking images of the front panel might be a slow process. If you have any ideas, that'd be great. If not, I thank you again for your help thus far. -Phil
  5. Hello, I am creating a program that displays some simple data. It draws a pie-chart from 3 numeric values, and also displays a bunch of numbers, percentages, strings and so on. Everything up to there is fine. My problem involves taking what I have now (above) and making it into a single object. Since I want to display that data for several cases at once, it would be much easier to make it all into one repeatable code/function/object. Is there a way to group a bunch of objects on the front panel into a single object group, including respective code as well? Thanks in advance, -Phil
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