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  1. Hi all, I'm having some issues getting LabVIEW 2021 installed on a virtual machine. I think there is a compatibly issue with ARM architecture. I've got it to install the base program with no add-ons/drivers and the MathScript Module but nothing else. Every time I try to install any additional packages/drivers it bricks my machine on reboot. I've been through around 25 Windows 10 and 11 machines and the same thing keeps happening. I saw that someone else had the same problem but it looks like it was never resolved. Anyone know of any workarounds I could try? Thanks! -Jacob
  2. Did you figure out how to get it installed? I'm currently experiencing the same problems. I was able to install base LV with the math toolbox but nothing else. Bricks my machine every other time. I've gone through ~25 Windows 11 snapshots trying to get at least some basic add-ons installed like DAQ, but haven't had any luck
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