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  1. Hi!! I have a question for you! I need to control stepper motor driver with the parallel port. I'm able to do that with VISA or the Out.vi. I need to go at 1kHz for example. But i'm juste able to go with VISA at 500 Hz and with out.vi at 200 Hz. How I can go faster ??? You can see my code below. For the frequency, I put a timer . When i'm going faster then 200 Hz the frequency seem not to be what I hope! For example 340 Hz give to me 498 Hz, but at slowly frequency everything is ok. Thanks For all P.S. Sorry for my english!!
  2. Write 888 for the "port 378" 378 is in hex and what you need to enter is a decimal number. Try that or do a conversation operation. A+ EDIT: DOH!!! I'm too late I hope 2 years later you have find the answer hahah!! sorry I dont see When he post his question!
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