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  1. Lannick, since you are not using any NI HW your only chances are: 1) HP has created libraries for interfacing their 1394 link for either LabVIEW (.llb) or LabWindows/CVI (.fp). Remember that any .fp library can be converted into a llb using the LabVIEW utulity found under Tools>>Import CVI Instrument Driver... Browse to the Agilent Web Site --> E8491x Details and see that your interface has been obsoleted and replaced with rev B. See if there is any sw to download 2) Call DLLs directly to control the VXI system. :ninja:
  2. Marcos, I have been crawling around the online NI Developer Zone and was able to track down a couple of examples that were developed for the NI-660x counter boards. The examples linked below use from 3 to 5 counters to implement a simulated encoder. Just look at them and see if you can make your way through it: Finite Quadrature Encoder Simulator Quadrature Encoder Simulator Have fun :headbang: :ninja:
  3. Hey, I have been calibrating my SCXI modules following the indications found on this PDF manual SCXI-1102 Calibration Procedure Also, if you have the Calibration Executive SW tool, you can calibrate your hw automatically. Another option is to request calibration directly to NI Calibration :ninja:
  4. Not a chance...DAQ functions won't work. This is quite obvious. Will DAS develop a LabVIEW LLB to provide support for their boards in LV? Dunno! Using NI HW with LV is straightforward, other vendors' HW may be not worth the effort. :ninja:
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