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  1. QUOTE (normandinf @ Aug 12 2008, 09:30 AM)

    Well, if NI uses Perforce and it's free for 1 or 2 users, than I might as well start fresh with it. Should our team grows to more than 1 developer :P, it doesn't seem to be prohibitively costly to buy licenses...

    thanks for the tips.

    I've have exposure to Perforce and currently use Subversion/Tortoise. The latter route is much, much, more intuitive. Additionally (as you see here and will find on www.thinkinging.com and www.expressionflow.com) plenty of resources exist in the LabVIEW community. If I were at a company that provided the support for Perforce and managed it, then I'm sure I would embrace the tool. My friends at NI who use Perforce, like it. However, I don't have those resources.

    If you go the Subversion/Tortoise route you can be up and running in a few hours. Though I recommend taking a few days to learn the tools thoroughly.

    Subsequently, the real cost of the tool is not just the purchase price.

  2. QUOTE (wkins @ Aug 11 2008, 06:05 AM)

    Ditto to several comments above. First always use wires whenever possible. In other words, pass the data into the SubVI and as noted, clusters are your best friend here (type def them). If this app is one that might be changed in the future, definitely consider classes. They are actually quite simple. There is a learning curve and it is important to experiment a bit before rolling a class into your app. But once you are over the curve, they are easy to build and your code becomes more scalable.

    QUOTE (wkins @ Aug 11 2008, 06:05 AM)

    2. What are the best most efficient methods of transferring data between seperate (parallel) while loops on the same block diagram?

    The two most important techniques to master, if you have not already done so are queues and functional globals (LabVIEW 2 style globals). However they function differently. Consider the functional global to be a data repository. You set values and get values - but with global scope and the ability to do error checking. The queue is more of a command/messaging architecture. Send a command and the associated data needed to execute the command to the appropriate location.

    Often "most efficient" is not a matter of the time to transfer the data, but rather that which is cleanest on the block diagram.

    Sounds like a marvelous time to learn a few new techniques.


  3. QUOTE (Michael_Aivaliotis @ Jul 29 2008, 07:12 PM)

    My suggestion for the future is to order a mens size. Small would be good for Crystal and Medium probably for Christina. Of course I'm shooting myself in the foot by discussing body sizes with women :ninja:

    Also, I have 7 medium LAVA (superfunky) T-shirts from last year that I'm bringing. So I can gladly give some to you guys that need shirts and don't want to feel left out. It's probably cooler Christina since it has the secret ini key setting that you added to LabVIEW.

    Also, it's probably too late to order a shirt now for niweek. For some reason dark shirts take up to 3 days for production.

    Michael - I'll buy one from you. I opted to not zazzle - astronomical shipping fee to get it on time. Gee... I was going to order a ladies medium :unsure: Too bad, my daughter would have look quite hip on her first day of 1st grade wearing a lava shirt

  4. At the airport now... headed for Austin.


    Sat: dinner with Mom, quiet night, no 6th street craziness

    Sun: oop course, dinner?, GMan (does this one stay open til 4 like the one in Dallas)

    Mon: dinner with friends, 6th street

    Tues: Lava/6th street

    Wed: NI Party/6th street

    Thurs: margs at the bar at the Austin airport

    Fri - Sun: wine tasting on the Colorado Western slope

    Mon: sleep all day!

  5. QUOTE (Jim Kring @ Jun 24 2008, 05:10 PM)

    I don't think that my wife would let me leave the house wearing shorts with black socks (I've tried similar things and it set off the security system).

    BTW, are you coming to the LAVA/OpenG BBQ again this year, Nancy?

    LAVA/OpenG BBQ - Definitely planning on it! Was a blast last year. Oh and (admittedly haven't checked) are there LAVA flip-flops that I could don?

    (BTW shorts and black socks are mandatory for embarrassing children in public)

  6. QUOTE (Jim Kring @ Jun 24 2008, 02:37 PM)

    "team meeting" with "flip flops" - my kinda place! But, grey sneakers are only cool when worn with black socks & khaki shorts :yes:

    QUOTE (Justin Goeres @ Jun 24 2008, 03:35 PM)

    Which shade?

    Hmmm... can't distinguish between chartreuse and chartreuse1 - guess I should have gotten the glossy version :blink:

    BTW - I've done oodles of presentations have had no trouble at all connecting to various projectors. Though it does work best to "detect displays" from system preferences in OS X, potentially rearranging the displays and then pop into XP for anything that needs to be done there. Just don't forget the dongle :rolleyes:

  7. QUOTE (tcplomp @ Jun 24 2008, 01:39 PM)

    And you really want to wear blue shoes?

    Oh I neglected to mention my MBP came in chartreuse - blends quite well with my blue Nike :thumbup:

  8. Still lovin my 15" MBP (2.2 with 80G) running Fusion. Definitely the matte. Conveniently splashed a bit of Diet Coke on my old laptop in Oct. 07 and decided to make the move. Was an easy transition.

    Psst... don't tell anyone, but I hear a few NI guys are running around with MBPs

  9. QUOTE(xtaldaz @ May 21 2007, 11:01 AM)

    xtaldaz - thank you!

    crelf and PaulG - now I know how you get those "most active" ratings :worship: ....and by the way Paul, fuchsia always clashes with periwinkle, but pairs rather nicely with chartreuse!

    QUOTE(Val Brown @ May 21 2007, 05:37 PM)

    I understand both the "busting" and the not telling MORE -- and I'm really NOT wanting to put you on the spot. The "kind of" tells me what I need to know.

    Val - I'm teaching the LV Advanced class in Vancouver BC in July...will you be attending. I hope so!!!

    Let me know if you have any questions about the class. I've taught it 7-8 times now. The Canadian students that attend have all been very sharp....which prompts excellent discussion and learning :thumbup:

  10. QUOTE(crelf @ May 21 2007, 08:19 AM)

    The best prep for the CLA is to read and know how to respond to the tasks and objectives that NI has posted. Even though they were developed from the previous VIE LV Adv. Application Development, NI stated that they still hold true for the current version. Go with this assumption, you are walking into a client site who needs your help on a project that will likely take 2 man years (or 1 woman year) of development. What is your software development process? How do you architect the code for multiple developers to implement various components? Like crelf said there is that wee little complication of the NDA preventing us from saying much more...

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