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  1. Dear Labviewusers,

    Is it possible to programmaticaly assign a name to a case structure.

    For example: Ik want to add a case with the name of an input string value.

    Maybe it's only possible in an event structure?

    Can somebody explain that?



  2. QUOTE(hooovahh @ Dec 12 2007, 11:36 PM)

    When you want to add The "a" in de last row, he add some rows or he changes the display.

    I have also add some code to rewrite the multicolumn listbox. When you disabled that button you can see the "strange" behavior.

    To initiliazes a 2D array, your method is much easier.

    QUOTE(JDave @ Dec 13 2007, 04:54 AM)

    It is not that rows are being added, rather the first row is being reset to the normal height. This seems to occur when the 'Names' property is set. You can reset the height each time you set the 'Names' property. If you see a jitter in the display, you need to insert a "Defer Panel Updates" property. There may be a better way, but I can't see one at the moment.

    Also it is unnecessary to set the height multiple times -- the entire row has the same height. Remove the 'For' loop entirely and remove the second 'Height' property in your property node.



    Hey David, the "Defer Panel Updates" property seems not be working.

    But you are right when you are saying that the behavior pops up when you write somthing to the property "itemnames"

  3. Dear Forummembers,

    How can i prevent that labview automatically add some rows when i want to insert something on the last possible row.

    Please, Take a look in my example.

    1. Start the example

    2. Double Click on the last row

    3. Probably you have seen the strange behavior



  4. QUOTE(crelf @ Jul 25 2007, 05:22 PM)

    You need to tell it which item you want to set the symbol of - I've added a property that sets the active item from the iteration terminal of your loop.

    You're right, thanks.

    You can also split the property's, use active item tag as the first one, after that you can set the symbol index.

  5. Dear Members,

    I try to add some custom item symbols in a tree structure(see VI).

    He gives me always a fault that says " LabVIEW: The tree control's active item is not valid for this property. Property Name :Active Item:Symbol Index".

    Can anybody help me with this, thanks

  6. No guys, sorry for the bad communication!

    I have add a new VI to explai it more clearly.

    When you start the VI, you can press on the multicolumn, there appears a itemsymbol. But now, How can i prevent that my output array shift's, when i press at the same place.

    For example: I press at index 0, itemsymbol appears at index 0, I press again index 0 to eraese that item, now there appaers at index one an item, how an i prevent this?

    Thanks Jeroen

  7. Hi guys, can anabody help me please

    In my VI, when i press on a certain row he gives me a 1 at that index, but when i choose another row(index), the output array is fully erased.

    I want that he leave the previousreults in the output array.

    Thanks for helping, jeroen

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