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    Hi, I want to run a continuous process. is it possible to put this vi as a sub vi in another VI, since i want to use 4 instances of this subvi at the same time. i have attached the subvi. please help me. bye karthik :headbang: Download File:post-870-1112632398.vi
  2. hi, i trying to properly implement them. bye karthik
  3. Hi, I couldnt wire the file size o/p to the count in the read file help me out karthik
  4. HI, I want to monitor 5 buttons and issue tiggers to the loop associated with that button to run if it is pressed. help me karthik
  5. Hi, I am creating a program which asks for username & pasword. I read a datalog file for the username & password combinations. how can i stop the read fuctions when i encounter the end of file. please help me karthik
  6. Hi, I want to study about different property and reference nodes, where can i find an useful tutorial on the subject. bye karthik
  7. Hi, I want to build a user interface which ask the user for username& password. I would like to know how can we check this username&password combinations?. can we reference to a file which has all the comibnations. bye karthas
  8. Hi, I am trying to write a labview program to run 4 channels of a Loadbox simultaneously. Each channel has a bunch of 5 programs to run. I tried to run it with a simple architecture where all the 4 channels communicate indivually with the instrument. In that case i found that the computer starts to drags if i start the 4th channel. could anyone suggest a architecture for this type of program . Thanx in advance for ur help :worship: . Bye karthas
  9. Hi , I have been trying to develop a labview program which could run 4 channels of a loadbox simultaneously. Here i am trying to route all the input/output commands of all the subvi's( about 5 programs per channel ) through the control panel to the instrument so as to minimize the memory usage. COuld u help me on this. bye karthas
  10. Hi, i have vi property reference and invoke node to open the front panel of another vi from the main vi, but since the both the vi property refernce and invoke node are within a while loop( used to continously monitor whether we want to close or open the sub vis front panel ) the subvi's front panel open continuously . is there any way to presvent it. help me out bye karthas
  11. Thanx for the info i got the refnums bye karthas
  12. Hi digital, In the palatte u have mentioned i could find only rendezvous and not the refnum for rendezvous. bye & thanx for the help karthas
  13. Hi, I have a difficult time finding the rendezvous refnum in the controls palatte as given in the help. pl help me finding it. bye karthik
  14. Hi, I would like to write labview program that clould acess 4 channels of a load box at the sametime . please help with this katrhik
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