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  1. Just wondering if I can do this: If I want to perform a series of operations on the camera, I can do an IMAQdx open camera at the beginning, then feed the output dup IMAQdx session into several subVIs (which take the output IMAQdx session as an input IMAQdx session for some other provided IMAQdx VI like snap), each of which output the dup session again until it finally reaches IMAQdx close camera? It should be possible, right? I just wanted to check before committing to doing it.
  2. Wow, thanks! I noticed "round to -infinity" before but didn't really stop to think about what it could have meant. Hm, interesting name to call a floor function...
  3. Can this be done? I looked this up, and it looks like you do it in Labview 8 via MathScript. It's not one of the basic palette features on Labview (I'm using 7.1) I made a simple quick-and-dirty VI, but I don't really like this since it's kind of hacked together. Labview doesn't really have a floor function, so I took the result of the divide, made an indicator from it, went to 'properties', made it an unsigned word (so that it would have to be a positive integer) and set it to 'coerce down' (round down). So this will do x modulo y for me, which accomplishes what I need, but it seems like the
  4. For mounting .iso files, try Daemon. It's free and it, well, mounts .iso's =) I am not sure you can call it through LV though, but you can try tweaking around with it.
  5. I guess this might be a pretty standard question. One thing is I'll need IMAQ for 1394 features; is it better to go out and get a version of NI-IMAQ for 1394 compatible with Labview 7.1, or upgrade totally with IMAQdx and Labview 8.2? I don't think LV8.2 is *necessary* per se, so I'm leaning towards sticking with 7.1 (besides, don't particularly want to deal with porting issues right now). But I just wanted to gather you guys' insight; maybe there's some awe-inspiring new feature in LV8.2 that should jump out at me? (I don't think Mathscript counts) Although, I'm having a bit of trouble findi
  6. Oh wow, you're right. Hehe, in retrospect that seems like a dumb question Just dragging and expanding the array was all I needed...thanks!
  7. I do this a lot: have some messy, ugly, or tangled wires running together, and going through each one, right clicking, and pressing "clean up." Is there a shortcut for this, or better yet, a "clean all wires" shortcut? Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I hope this is in the right forum section. I'm a little new... Basically, I have a subVI which displays some data from a global variable into an initially empty multicolumn listbox and outputs the listbox. I want to call this VI from another user-interface VI (which modifies the global variable) to display that VI. The thing is, when I modify the global variable from the UI VI, the listbox in the subVI is updated, as it should be, but the listbox in the UI VI is not. I'm assuming that because I used property nodes to update the listbox in the first place, this information is not ac
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