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  1. Wishing all #NIWeek attendees a great keynote.. Keep the tweets coming, I'm trying to follow NIWeek remotely this year. :-)

  2. Man.. All those #NIWeek tweets, posts and casts.. I'm so eager to go, but unfortunately can't his year. I Wish my colleague a lot of fun. :)

  3. I'd like to use current system locale settings instead of the one that was set when #LabVIEW was loaded. http://tinyurl.com/5uvbdup #idea

  4. RT @GuidoThys: Organizational charts in major tech LOL http://dld.bz/afkdR

  5. Keep on believing! :-) “@wimtormans: Downloaded a driver for a motioncontroller ... it is a #LabVIEW #GOOP 1 class #MiraclesDoHappen

  6. Doing some real wireworking in the new house today. :-) http://t.co/ByCldgc

  7. Coffee is almost ready.. :-) RT @wimtormans: Driving to Weert to check our new office location

  8. Hmmm, feels like I'm living in the wrong part of the world right now. :-) RT @MikeAivaliotis: Beautiful day today http://twitpic.com/4fcdcc

  9. Beware when using 'Current VIs Parents Ref__ogtk.vi' in tight loops! Close the reference! http://tinyurl.com/493jbzs #LabVIEW #OpenG

  10. So, why does #LabVIEW include the entire Advanced Analysis lib. in build exe (+10MB!) when I'm only using one VI from it! #thisisnotright

    1. Jon Kokott

      Jon Kokott

      does the build option for remove unused library members help?

    2. Jon Kokott

      Jon Kokott

      If its a dll, i think you are stuck with it.

  11. I promised myself (again!) to rly be thr nxt year.. RT @jkisoftware: 5 Reasons U Shouldn't Miss the CLA Summit nxt Year http://bit.ly/fDZmFk

  12. Always wanted to wire a class to a case selector and auto-cast it to the correct child-wire in #LabVIEW? Kud… (cont) http://deck.ly/~LcfCU

  13. Going to sleep.. Must be fit tomorrow for teaching day 2 of 3 days on-site #LabVIEW Object Oriented System Design.. Love the #goop thing :-)

  14. Be carefull when programming #LabVIEW in a #VMWare virtual machine: Ctrl-R (Run in LV) == Reset of VM (default behaviour) !

  15. Ben je of ken je een enthousiaste LabVIEW programmeur op zoek naar een nieuwe uitdaging? VI Technologies zoekt versterking voor haar team!

  16. So cool! @taptaptap is giving out custom engraved X-ray iPads! http://campl.us

  17. Ik steun #3FM Serious Request met DIRE STRAITS - BROTHERS IN ARMS. Bied ook op jouw favoriete plaat, http://3fm.nl/plaat #sr10

  18. Using LV2010 eh? Been seeing that a lot too lately.. “@crelfpro: .....It the first time I've seen a "Compiling" message since Fortran77...”

  19. “@wimtormans: Getting rdy for project Xmas tree. This does not involve #LabVIEW :-)” Make an XControl of it for max re-use next year. :-)

  20. Been doing the same for UI edges.. Lot's of creepy stuff there too :-) “@tonplomp: Exploring the dark edges of #labview . kinda creepy...”

  21. some of those wld have a great effect hanging on the wall in big e-pictureframe RT @MikeAivaliotis: awsm animated gifs: http://bit.ly/a84hTB

  22. Welkom in het altijd mooie zuiden. :-) RT @tonplomp: zo nu in limboland, lekker weer testen!

  23. Hear, hear! Want to speedup your XControl property creation? Vote now for this idea: http://tinyurl.com/39vhncm #LabVIEW

  24. Glad I've had my diner an hour ago and not just now. RT @MikeAivaliotis Skip to 2:00 - http://youtu.be/GJd-lvGCc6Y

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