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  1. VITech will bring along this uniquely boxed Raspberry Pi. 😊 Completely ready to run LabVIEW programs out of the box.
  2. Great to see the LabVIEW wiki alive and kicking again! Hope to have a bit of time to contribute sometime after NIWeek...
  3. I agree with Rolf, but just in case you need more, you might have a look at this dongle solution for LVRT from WireFlow: http://www.wireflow.se/products/wf2007
  4. http://www.labviewwiki.org/Custom_LabVIEW_configuration_file
  5. Thanks Mark and Dan! Much appreciated.. 14-8-12_06_LabVIEW UserGroup Awards_Challenge of the Champions seems to have the wrong content. This is part of Jack's FTW presentation. Edit: Seems fixed now. Thanks!
  6. It was just around dinner time here, so unfortunately I missed it. Going to watch it now!
  7. I just want to confirm that I'm also unable to see the RSS feeds in Firefox for 1 or 2 weeks now.
  8. Hmmm, you sure.. Especially after a couple of full days of coding LV my hand really hurts. But, to get back on topic.. I agree with AQ that a class is best tested on it's public interface. I can imagine that in some use cases it would be handy to test some of the private parts and for that I think the next best thing is indeed to use community scope and friend VIs or libs. Putting the test VIs in the class can be a real pain, for example when integrating your class in the greater whole. If during integration changes need to be made to the interface of a class member that is used in a test VI, chances are that test VI will be broken, thus your class will and your application too. So your build is broken because of the broken testcode even though all VIs actually used in the application's hierarchy are not.
  9. And when you've done that, Use it! Use it! Really if you do OOP, do yourself a favour and use it. It boosts productivity! And in the next version it even does that for the Actor Framework too! (No, I do not work for them. )
  10. I won't.. I'll keep on breathing.. Hot Texan air for the coming week.
  11. Sounds indeed like cRIO for the deterministic part would fit in perfectly here. And I just happen to know a fine Alliance Member here in the Netherlands that loves this sort of projects and is quite proficient with LabVIEW and cRIO. Hey, that seems to be a link to their site down there..
  12. I'd expect you need to do more then just a simple valid-refnum check to see if a connection is valid and that it would be different actions depending on the protocol that is used. So I would opt for implementing a dynamic dispatch "CheckConnection" method and make it "Must Override" so that each child has to implements it's own. If you're really certain that you can use the same piece of code to check connection for all child implementations, I vote for AQ's solution above.
  13. I'm in too... Just bought my ticket. This did it for me.
  14. My flight out of Austin is Friday 4.00pm so I'll be hanging around some on Friday.
  15. FWIW, you can use popup's in remote panels. Just not system dialogs. If you implement your own popup dialog sub-VI it will also work for a remote panel.
  16. Congrats! Enjoy the time to come helping the Hello World code grow to an efficient concurrent framework!
  17. Absolutely! I'd kudo it, but I already did when the Idea was submitted a long time ago.
  18. This can actually be achieved without doing any coding in the panel size event. Just need to have the correct correct combination and usage of a splitter bar, grouping (the combo-box and decoration) and 'Scale object with pane' and you can mimic the behaviour QD window without coding. Set pane sizing for all panes to 'Scale objects while sizing' and it even gets better! Absolutely! And it got a whole lot better since the introduction of splitter bars!
  19. Cool, that would be great! Imagine me with black glasses and you'll probably recognise me.
  20. I'd be interested in catching a ride with someone too.. Seems quite a walk according to Google maps.
  21. I arrive Saturday night.. So count me in! Free food is my favourite dish.
  22. I do the loading of a class from one of the methods, basically I 'construct' the class from file. So I have e.g. a Load method for constructing a class+data from a file and a New method for constructing it without data (or whatever the New method needs to do to initialize the data, which in my case is nothing). Since the class' load method is called, it will for sure be present in the exe, as well as the classes it aggregates (Channel in my case). Works fine here.
  23. Yup! Perfectly legit way of working if you ask me.. You need to write the code anyway, so why not use it to do the 'checking'. It saves you the work of writing the extra code to check what the exact format of the path is. As Mike, I most often use this construct too when attempting to connect to certain instruments.
  24. Hi, The latest version (2010) of TestStand supports LV classes.. See also here: http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/tut/p/id/8848#toc3 The knowledgebase article you pointed to refers to an older TestStand version.
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