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  1. Thank you so much everyone who have responded. We are now at 88 responses so it looks like reaching 100 is possible!
  2. Hello! For a company conference I'm arranging a LabVIEW quiz like the TV-show Family Feud and I would very much appreciate your help to gather response material. If you haven't seen the show, this is how it works in short: Before the show, 100 people are asked a bunch of questions, like "Name a fruit" The 100 people might then have answered: Apple: 43 Orange: 22 Pineapple: 21 Banana: 14 On the show the team then have to guess what people answered. If they guess "Apple", they get 43 points etc. I'm now looking for 100 people (or as many as I can find ) and have made a Google forms with 12 questions. The idea is not to think long and hard about the answers but write the first thing you think of and it might take about 3-5 minutes to answer all of them. If you would take some time to answer the questions I would very much appreciate it! https://forms.gle/QAnjTETdGGoXkyA79 If anyone is interested I can share the results later on. Thank you in advance!
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