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  1. Dears, 1st of all: thx JG! nice code! it seems that the bug described earlier (see JGs post May 29th '12: [...] There was a connector pane change to optionsFrame_GetPageReadyNotifier.vi which stopped everything from working. [...]) is still in (Version, using LV2012) had to correct the vi-typedef in vi.libJGCODEpreferences_dialog_jgcode_lib_preferences_dialog.llbGet Page Ready Notifier - Dynamic__jgcode_lib_preferences_dialog.vi to be typed to resourcedialogPreferencesDialogoptionsFrame_GetPageReadyNotifier.vi regards peegee (Detailed descrition: In the Pref
  2. Hi! there's a pmc card made by vmetro, using a large xilinx fpga (different versions available) with a lot of i/os on a special connector not cheap, but might help http://www.vmetro.com/category3731.html with http://www.vmetro.com/category4172.html but I havenot seen it life, yet. regards peegee
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    Hi! As a new member, the short intro may not be missed: physicist, studies are done for quite some days, now. started LV with version 4. haven't done much after diploma and phd, except of givin' students introductions and do some emergencies (ad-hoc measurement stuff, mostly gpib) due to a project spec, I made a little detour through labwindows. Now, in a new position, I'm trying to introduce LV in the corp and position it well. Hope I can help with some everyday questions and looking forward to diskussions about implementation strategies best regards PeeGee
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