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  1. Hi to all, I have a Laptop with LV 2010 installed and a remote PC without LabVIEW where I install my programs (it acts like a server), it has some inactive programs made with LV 8.2 I have this program: And i made an Executable that runs once (just for testing purposes) I Built an Installer, installed it on both computers and run it Time on laptop: ~23 seconds Time on PC: ~119 seconds (That's right, because the laptop is newer than PC, and I need to execute it every 5 minutes) The problem start here: I inserted the VI inside a Timed Loop as pictured (Dt: 1 s, Discard missed Periods, Maintain phase) And these are the results: Time on laptop: ~22 seconds (like the first one and it executed 4 times at the moment of the screenshot) Time on PC: ~1212 seconds!!! ~20 minutes!!! just one execution on that moment!!!! Replacing the Timed Loop with a While loop with a Wait until ms multiple give this: Almost like the first test. Another test with Timed Loop (Discard missed Periods, Don't maintain phase) took ~20 minutes too. So it has something to do with a Timed Loop on the PC (because the timed Loop on the Laptop doesn't present any problem) and changing the Timed Loop is the answer (maybe) but why? But i can't figure what can be the problem. Any Clue?
  2. The first one seems easy, but the "max number of sessions" appeared again, even with the DS open and close (Nat sessions value is 512 in the router, doesn't seem a low value) How can i check that value programmatically? ====================================== I think i'm misunderstanding the problem, it's not processing all the array every 30 seconds, instead i have to process every element of the array every 30 seconds, something like this: repeated times So the program must execute like this: (ad infinitum) But maybe (just maybe xD) a program with 200+ loops isn't the more elegant solution nor a maintainable program (maybe if the program modifies itself and place while loops as needed...) Probably the second proposed solution is the one i want, but i don't fully understand it yet. Any other suggestion, please?
  3. Thx, i'll try this and write back with the results Where can i find info about this?
  4. Thanks for reply I tried to do that in a "strange" way: I splitted the array in 4, put 4 For loops and wired the size of each array to the parallel instances terminal. At first the program worked as intended, but after some iterations i lost the access to the internet. Looking the logs at the router, i noticed this message: " exceeds the max. number of session per host!" So i modified the program again: This works again as intended, but after some iterations i noticed that the pages on internet take longer to load - Am i doing this correctly? - Is possible to see the number of sessions open? - How can i avoid the "exceeds the max. number of session" message? - Any link to read? Thx in advance
  5. Hi to all I want to extract data every 30 seconds from 200+ web pages, those pages are in kml format (Google Earth). I tried to do this: But since some of the pages fails (and i mustn't skip them) all the loop takes more than 30 seconds, and the loop runs every 60 seconds to maintain in phase. I noticed Google Earth loads every page every 30 seconds as configured, regardless if some of them present problems (page not available/timeout exceeded), how can i replicate that behaviour? Thanks in advance PD: the pages have this format:
  6. My project use SubVIs from OpenG, NI Database Toolkit, and NI Report Toolkit, when I use it in a top VI, the Inliner open a lot of VIs (it seems that open all VIs that aren't Locked/PW protected but doesn't close them) Maybe the Inliner can be modified to secure the code:
  7. Hi to all I read this in Slashdot: Comparing the Size, Speed, and Dependability of Programming Languages I have a question: Can Labview beat those Programming Languages?, How Labview perform doing that tasks?
  8. Hi to all I'm playing with the Windows Shell, and i have a function to convert Path Names to PIDLs, in C++, so I'm traslating it to LabVIEW, using Call Library Function Node. The problem is that one of the lines of the function says: hr = pShellFolder -> ParseDisplayName(NULL, NULL, wsPath, &nCharsParsed, ppidl,NULL); How can i call this method? And another question, Where can i find info about convert C++ code to LV code? (I mean, like datatypes, help about Call library Function Node, etc) Thanks in advance.
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